The new interchange on a warm mill

autumn of last year put into operation a modern transport interchange on a warm mill.The construction of this facility was very important for the city.Its grand opening attended by Moscow Mayor Sobyanin.

What preceded this event?

capacity of main highways in southwest Moscow was not very good for a long time.But especially aggravated tensions in recent years.Traffic jams made impassable during peak hours themselves the main streets and the adjacent intersection.Radically change the situation was possible only through the creation of infrastructure, ensuring traffic flow at different levels bezsvetofornom mode.In particular, and isolation from the metro station "Teply Stan" was intended to dissolve at different levels of traffic on two major highways south-west, occurring at this location at the crossroads.We are talking about Profsoyuznaya Street and Avenue Novoyasenevsky.


Isolation on a warm mill was started in July 2014.Construction of a similar level of objects associated with a more than significant capital expenditures.And also to the need for a whole range of technical activities aimed at to provide an acceptable level of connectivity in the period of construction and installation works.The process of construction should be completed in the shortest possible time.For this work has been organized around the clock.At the construction site continuously employed over three hundred workers.

Decoupling trade union - Teply Stan, engineering features

One important element is the construction of interchanges large six-lane overpass on the direct course of the Trade Union of the street.Its length was 974 meters.On both sides of the racks are equipped with three-lane side road traffic in the right lane allocation for public transport.In the space under the overpass located SSB reversal congresses.An equally important part of the project was improvement approach from the street Teply Stan towards Novoyasenevskogo prospectus.To provide movement at this level also required three lanes in each direction.In addition to all the above, a complex object of transport infrastructure as a junction on a warm mill, provided a significant amount of work on the arrangement of the entire surrounding area.We are talking about redevelopment and relaying a variety of utilities, construction of five underpasses and arrangement of several car parks.In order for heat isolation camp were free to carry out their functions, have to pay considerable attention Novoyasenevsky Avenue.In that part, in which the movement in the direction of Lithuania Boulevard, across the carriageway had to be expanded to three lanes.

What's next?Trends and Prospects

just a few months have passed since the start of the object in operation, it is nice to fit into the transport infrastructure of the south-west of the capital.Muscovites have grown accustomed, and is seen as a matter of course, that Novoyasenevskogo Avenue can be easily get on the street Teply Stan.Road interchange provides such an opportunity.You can already forget about the fact that in the old days at this place regularly formed traffic jams.And this is happening on the distant approaches to it, and not only in peak hours.Experience in the design and construction of transport communications in Moscow, for that matter, and other major cities, suggests that the most effective engineering solutions here are the objects that provide traffic flow at different levels of non-stop.Engineering facilities of this kind is very costly for the budget and are quite complex in construction and installation plan.But in their favor is the simple fact that a more intelligent decisions under stressful big cities and traffic flows do not exist.That is why the outcome of this type are built and designed both in the capital and the Moscow suburbs.