"Sequester" - a word for a nasty need to save

Foreign economic terms (voucher privatization, sequestration) is frequently used in the nineties of the last century.The main reason for this was two.Firstly, the new states that emerged from the former Soviet Union, rapidly transition to market relations, and, most likely, the Russian words, with all the richness of our language, is not enough to describe this process.And secondly, the confusion has arisen in many politicians and economists like to disguise their (sometimes very ugly) work, to put it clearly.

unpleasant word

word "sequestration" is widespread in everyday speech after the 1997 financial crisis, when it was forced to limit the use of funds to ensure the implementation of the majority of budget programs.This measure was caused by misuse of the allocated money, and, consequently, their shortage.Affected many vulnerable people, and since then in the minds of deeply ingrained belief that sequestration - is something wrong.The way it is.

Latin word «sequestro», transformed into other modern languages ​​of the world, literally expresses the concept of separation of a fragment from the rest.It used it not only in the economic vocabulary, but also in other fields of human activity.


In cases where there are property disputes concerning real estate, manufacturing equipment, shipments and other business assets in the possession of one of the conflicting sides in the world used the contract sequestration.It is a tripartite lies between the two entities, one of which makes a claim to another, and another participant, you take responsibilities for the storage and security of the disputed property, which the court's decision to use no man.The service is often paid storage or, more rarely gratuitous.Upon expiration or after receipt of the decision of the court the contract is terminated, and the owner comes into its own.

Thus, in the legal sense sequestration - is a temporary exclusion of the disputed property.And what about the other sectors?

In medicine sequestration - a partial necrosis of tissue

talk about diseases is always unpleasant, and in this sense, the medical term is similar to the law.Doctors sometimes have to use words, sounding scared and in Russian, and Latin.

Sometimes the inflammatory process (eg, osteomyelitis) developed so acute that leads to necrosis of the local tissue of the body, which doctors called sequestration.This occurs most often with a bone.Part of its cells lose the properties that distinguish the living from the dead body, and is separated.The boundary between the healthy part of the affected area and is fibrous and sclerotic bone.On X-rays in this place much seal.Like any foreign body, tissue necrosis causing irritation and inflammation, up to the formation of fistulas.Only one way out - an operation, the surgeon removes the sequester is in medicine called sequestrectomy.

Cutting the budget as an emergency measure

Any budget, whether it is family-run, city, regional or national, consists of two parts: the revenue and expenditure.The country receives funds from taxpayers in the form of levies, duties, as well as the various economic activities.Spending money is necessary to ensure the operation of controls, maintenance of establishments of education, health and other government structures called "low cost".The content of combat-ready armed forces and law enforcement costs, they say, "a lot of money", as well as the development and procurement of new equipment for the security forces.But without these costs do not, and sometimes threatens their decline, as the history of the last decades, the most disastrous consequences.

reason for the need to reduce costs is an unexpected excess of the amount or in a sudden reduction of revenue to the treasury.Budget sequestration is justified in the circumstances threatening the financial security of the state, with insufficient gold reserves and the inability of external borrowings.

It happens, but rarely.Usually in the expenditure budget lays all the costs, including a percentage of contingency, if properly planned and revenues, we can say that it is made correctly.

In the macroeconomic sense, the sequestration of the budget - is limiting the use of funds in the implementation of some state functions.In most cases the degree of cuts in financing expressed as a percentage (10%, 20%, and so on. N.) In this case, no matter how bad things in the state, there are articles that can not be correct, that is protected.


family budget family budget can also be adjusted in cases where reduced revenues (for example, one of the able-bodied adults suddenly left without a job) or due to a rise in prices.Of course, the use of macro-economic terms in respect of modest means, "primary cell of society" is an ironic character.A well-known story about his father, concerned the increase in the price of alcohol."You are now going to drink less?" - With the hope of asking his household."No, you eat less!" - He replied.Such sequestration of the budget should not be an example for the public financiers.