How to charge the iPhone without a charge?

today impossible to imagine a modern person without a mobile phone.However, as you can not imagine and electronic gadget without full co-operation of the process options, the presence of which is mandatory necessity.For example, the failed battery charger certainly condemn "dependent" on the machine "energy death".However, the question of how to charge the iPhone without charge, considering the great popularity of "fruitful" brand Apple, require special lighting.Your attention will be represented by some of the most original of technological innovations that allow "pump" California gadgets much needed battery power of electricity, of course, no "participation" under standard memory.

In search of promising technologies

First of all, the question requires some specificity.After all, each of us knows that without the influence of a certain type of energy, none of the known inventions "of human genius" can not function.Therefore, the question of how to charge the iPhone without charge until a full res

ponse.Of course, some attempts of developers to change the principle of "life-support" phone were unsuccessful.Needless to say, the standard memory will soon undergo major changes.The problem of "appropriate flexibility" already has several fundamentally different solutions.Today, however, still can not "globally decouple" from the mobile units habitually used a power outlet.But then, how to charge the iPhone or other "child" the electronics industry, where there is no access to the "benefits of civilization", is already a feasible reality.But low efficiency (efficiency) and developed, among other things, commercially available devices and at the same time not thorough forethought "mechanism" certain power supply charge to move away from some in order to be a valuable alternative source of 220 W or another denomination accepted standard centralized electrification.As a result, we are seeing a growing need for alternative sources of energy and genuine interest of producers ... That these facts are pushing developers to find the most suitable technological solutions.

Overview of the most effective ways to "energozapravki" without the use of a standard power supply

method №1

Let's start with the most basic, but not always available energy option to power mobile devices.Perhaps you do not know how to charge the iPhone from the computer.So let's look at the method of charging, which, as you know, involves the use of a laptop, tablet or device equipped with a connector USB.If the worker has become a critical battery level, and your device is "tired" of this alert - blinked screen is off, you need to connect it to any available device, the necessary port.Due to this you will be able to answer the question of how to charge the iPhone without charging action.

not demanding method №2

Today you can buy a cover charge.That is, the design features of such devices will be the presence of built-in battery, the capacity of which ranges from 1500 to 3200 mAh.This allows for quite a long time to use the phone without a recharge.Convenient cover not only ergonomic and aesthetically appealing.Important products will help to effectively solve the problem of how to charge the iPhone without a charge, as well as give the property shockproof device.And protection from mechanical damage to the back of the iPhone guaranteed to cover any performance-charge.The LED on the front of the device shows the battery level by which the user can always visually determine the degree of efficiency of the auxiliary battery.

It is not an easy way №3

course, technology iQ - definitely innovative wireless charging option - promotes efficient "refueling" the battery capacity without embarrassing moment caused by connecting the connector 30-pinConnector.The question of how to charge the iPhone without charging, stop expressing false hopes.However, the method greatly facilitates comfortable many operational problems, and in particular is the most lenient way to restore the electric potential of the battery.Since the wear and tear pad iPhone - a natural inevitability caused by phone usage, resulting in a device often has to feed.The attractive design of the module, which is an element of mediation between the charging station and the battery of a mobile device is mounted on the back of the gadget, the installation process is not complicated and does not require special tools and skills installation.In the market of consumer goods such wireless charging iPhone is a product that is presented in diverse design performance.Color, texture and material of "interim arrangements" for the user are available in almost any preference.The only drawback of this memory can be regarded as necessarily related to the "upgrade" the device, which increases the "waist" of the smartphone to a few millimeters.Sometimes, however, the question of how to charge the iPhone, not only allowed in such a way ...

improved method №4

iQi Mobile Today, the project is somewhat improved version of the new standard supply.Although "fresh ideas" in the market for mobile devices to view all the increasing trend in consumer demand.Has been widely recognized in the circles of high quality modified user memory lets you wirelessly "fill" power in the battery of the phone.The main advantage of the new items is critically reduced induction plate (receiver).The problem of how to charge the iPhone without charge and not "mutilate" design, it becomes solvable.After the thickness of the optional installation item is only 0.5-1.5 mm and an almost unnoticeable under a thin layer of silicone rim.This fact is what sets iQi Mobile from previously implemented standard for wireless power.An important condition for the connection can be considered: a flexible connection to the port Lightning in no way hinders the subsequent user actions related primarily to the use of 30-pin port Iphone.Agree, it is much easier many moments of compulsory access to sometimes very necessary system mobile terminal unit.

few arguments in favor of a wireless memory

  • No mechanical moment of connection (direct contact).
  • possibility of safe operation in hostile environments (moisture, dampness).
  • comfortable use (mostly).

little shortcomings

  • cost, size and weight increase.
  • Time parameter of efficiency of electrical energy is much higher than the standard version (taking into account the efficiency of the original charger).
  • not possible to use the phone while charging the battery.

summary, or energy prospects for the iPhone

How to charge your device from the computer, you know.But what about when you're in a campaign, or in a situation where there is no available standard power supply?To date, there are commercially available devices which are able to charge mobile devices by using alternative methods of generating electricity.This original technology solutions in the form of converting devices that convert mechanical, thermal, kinetic, magnetic and other types of energy in your devaysu necessary voltage and current.Of course, drawbacks and shortcomings in the available devices is much more than we would like.Price, weight, dimensions and other shortcomings obstacle to the achievement of absolute perfection.But time passes and technology evolves ...