Can the plant for non-payment of the loan: the nuances and subtleties of the issue

course, today practically in any bank without any problems, you can get credit.For this option used by many as another way to buy an expensive item such as a car, it is extremely difficult.

The problem is that not all borrowers can soberly assess their financial capacity.As a result, this leads to the fact that they violate the schedule of payments, and they face penalties.Some are even beginning to wonder: "Can plant for non-payment of the loan?"

addition to this credit institution often sets an inflated interest rate, to somehow compensate for the damages that may arise due to the breach of obligations of the debtor.

Yet the question of whether to plant for non-payment of loan interest to every person who intends to borrow money from the bank.We consider it more detail.

What the experts say

In fact, experts in the field of credit, responding to a question about whether to plant for non-payment of the loan, in theory does not exclude the use of arrest in respect of the borrower.But in today's practice, such cases - a rarity.

Banking institution at an early stage of failure conditions of the loan agreement by the borrower begins to take measures to ensure that return to their own money and interest thereon.At the same time financial institutions do not want to be engaged in "knocking out" money from the debtor's own and partly sell the debt collection agencies.Naturally, it is unprofitable to part with their money, and they apply to the aforementioned office only in extreme cases.

latter, of course, do not always act within the law, but also to be worst offenders also did not want.Therefore, in most cases their only weapon - a threat by telephone.And it is here that borrowers are seriously thinking over whether to plant for non-payment of the loan.

responsibility for non-payment of debt

In criminal law there are no sanctions, which would be deprived of liberty for non-payment of the loan.However, in law enforcement have been cases where debtors were imprisoned, but their actions were qualified as fraud.

In this case they did not have any property on which it would be possible to impose a penalty.

Try to resolve the problem with the bank yourself

If you are at some point realize that you may have problems with the payment of borrowed money, it is better to settle this matter with the bank without any conflicts.Then you do not have to rack their brains over whether jailed for non-payment of the loan.To avoid the application of the bank drastic measures, to convince him that you do not waive repayment of the debt, and explain the complexity of the situation.Surely the bank will go to meet you and change the repayment schedule of payments.

If the bank does not show loyalty to you, then communicate with the collection agency you unfortunately can not be avoided.

Therefore, in any case, do not allow such a form of breach of obligations as non-payment of the loan.What threatens nevozrat money - you already knew.


However, communication with the staff of the collector's office - is not the only measure of influence on the debtor.Of course, the banking institutions may apply to the courts for protection of their interests.

Many may ask the logical question: "If we have to be non-payment of loan What threatens this option breach of a loan agreement if the case goes to court?"The answer is obvious: the borrower is seriously affected in a material respect: in addition to the fact that he will be required to repay part or all of the debt, it will lay down the obligation to pay penalties and interest.And if it comes to the willful refusal of the debt on a large scale (over 250 thousand), the court for non-payment of credit may involve the offender to justice.

After a certain amount of time after the entry into force of the judicial act is initiated enforcement proceedings, and all the available assets of the debtor arrested forcibly.

In any case, in matters relating to non-repayment of the loan without the help of an experienced lawyer can not do.He will be able to reduce the amount of penalties in certain circumstances, even to recognize the transaction invalid on lending.

Well, if you have already been adjudicated, the lawyer will try to find the reasons for its delay.

Conclusion To minimize the risk of financial problems with the bank, think thoroughly before you arrange the loan.If you do not have firm confidence that you will be able without damage to itself on a monthly basis to part with the nth sum of money, then a loan, you should wait.Remember that you need to borrow money wisely and pre-calculate all force majeure, which in this context may arise.