Meditation against stress: Simple technology

In our troubled world is exposed to stress each.The chief wants you to be the tenth time converted the report wantonly loved one is jealous of each post, and on the evening news again some attacks and earthquakes.If all this knocks you out of the rut, coming home, you valishsya down and relax as it should not work even on weekends, try to teach you a few techniques of meditation - the best prevention of nervous breakdowns, fatigue and melancholy.

What effect from meditation?

Buddhists say that they do not happen insomnia and depression.This is because meditation - it's their way of life.Making a habit of meditation, you will learn quickly to focus on the job, less experience, better rest and will attain inner harmony, which is so important for any woman.

few words about the conditions.Definitely not worth it to meditate on a full stomach.Whether to include in this quiet music - solve itself.Some people may focus only in complete silence.

meditation techniques

basis of effective meditation - is

the maximum relaxation.Achieving this is not as easy as it seems at first glance.Some of our body muscles do not relax, even during sleep.

meditation relaxation technique

Lie down on your back (do not use "high" pillow) and try to relax.Inhale and exhale a few times.As you exhale, you feel how the air comes out, and the body becomes heavy and sinking deeper into the bed.Then we focus on the parts of the body from the bottom up.Focus on the legs (each in turn), you can start with the feet.Tell them to relax, imagine how the voltage drops.Gradually move up.The more carefully you go up to this meditation than "smaller" are part of the body where you are concentrating attention, the more you will be able to relax.

This technique can be used at night (especially if you have to fall asleep quickly, but does not work), and if you want a good rest for a short time.

concentration meditation techniques

concentration meditation techniques are well used when a lot of things in my head, and the need to focus on one thing.Sit or lie down as comfortably as possible (believe me, the lotus posture is useful for those who have long been practicing yoga and meditation, begin it's better sitting in a comfortable chair or lying down).

Try to mentally concentrate fully on any object or phenomenon.This can be anything from a cup standing on a table or a houseplant, ending rain.The main thing - your mind must be occupied only by this.Hold it in your head as much as you can.Soon you will be convinced that thought quickly returns to watched movies or to the fact that you're going to cook for dinner.Go back to the selected object.After some training time focusing on it will increase.

practicing this meditation, you can easily focus in all conditions (this is very helpful, for example, to gather for an important exam).

breathing meditation technique

breathing meditation technique - it's just watching the breath.Specially change the rhythm of breathing is not necessary, just feel like going in and out flow of air.Inhaling and exhaling can be considered - up to 10 and back to unity.Such a method is also nice to while away the time in transport or queues.

There is a meditation technique that combines breathing and walking

It can be used when you go to work or home.It is better if you have enough time to not go too fast.Breathe doing four steps, exhale - six.The body is measured breathing and thoughts focus on the bill.If this is still around you fresh air and beautiful scenery, the use of such a double walk.

meditation technique that helps solve the problem

For a start is better to relax as much as possible.Then the "losers" in mind a problem or conflict, starting from the end.Gradually approaching the origins, you can understand how it all began.Finding "on the way" cause, word or action, which entailed certain consequences, there is a chance to fix it.

Auditory training - also meditation

Engage auto-training is better, I have to learn to relax physically and mentally focus.Use it better just before going to bed to after more on what not distracted.

Relax and focus on positive thoughts.This meditation technique depends on the situation that you want to improve.If you want to increase self-esteem, saying to yourself: "I am confident."If your office has lodged a tyrant thinks, "Fear of Larissa (the Director, a driving instructor) lost."Avoid the particle "no", which obviously carries negative.Instead of "I do not want to smoke" is better to say "the urge to smoke disappears. '

proved that our thoughts materialize.While anger management can be presented in detail to achieve, to which you aspire, as if it had already happened."To work" in the place where you want to work, "wait" in the house or the city of your dreams, "feel" thing that you want to enjoy.There are cases when people with such meditations cured of incurable diseases.

meditation technique choose to your taste.Make it a habit, try to live here and now, and self-doubt, the dragons of the past, tomorrow will be a hard day you are not afraid.

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