Simple tips for those who do not like to miss.

hard to be in a cheerful mood when outside rain raining cats and dogs.In those days, it seems that the whole world was repainted gray tones, and from this the soul becomes even more sad.As if bad weather rages, not only outside, but also inside, killing even the beginnings of hope.

order not to get depressed, you need to take yourself to something, but what to do in bad weather?After all, most of the usual holiday destinations is not available at this time, since they are outdoors.And in order to go somewhere, you need to have a clear plan, otherwise you can get into the force majeure situation.

main thing - do not lose heart

But do not despair, because the rain or snow - this is not the end of life.After all, the very nasty weather, you can find entertainment.Moreover, sometimes even this factor contributes to a good time.So, what to do in bad weather?

first step is to make a plan, and it needs to bring their thoughts in order.Forget about the fact that the street slush and mud, it should not distract.Remember that the poor helps to better feel good.That is worse than on the street, more pleasant in a warm room.So, you need to adhere to these places.

Only after the mood a little bit better, should go directly to the question, "What to do on the weekend in the cold weather?ยป

My house - my fortress

So, on the street rain, which means that all the attentionwe switch on the housework.After all, each of us has his own passion, to which never have enough time.Well, come the hour when you can enjoy a hobby or to start it.So, for some it can be a simulation, for someone writing a craft or sewing.

If tinkering desire not, then you can enjoy idleness.After all, think about it: when was the last time get the chance to just lie in bed until lunch?Or spend a few hours with a good book?At the end of the day, just to see a movie or TV series fresh?So, here is the answer when you do not know what to do at home, if the street bad weather: just relax and enjoy the freedom and idleness.

If you feel like sitting in one place

But not everyone can spend an entire day in full idleness, because there are people who are able to enjoy only on outdoor activities.Things to do in bad weather it?

Well, even in the nasty weather, there are places, ready to gladly accept visitors.Only need to pre-determine its route in order to minimize their exposure to the outdoors.So, what to do in bad weather:

  1. In every city there are museums, art galleries, movie theaters.These places are ideal for a visit to rainy weather.Firstly, there are always warm and dry, and secondly, in this weather there are few visitors, which eliminates the risk of running into a large place.
  2. Another item in the selected route can be a shopping mall.There are boutiques for women and entertainment programs for both men and playgrounds for children.
  3. Also in those days, you can safely go to the gym, spa and solarium.In such places, it does not matter what's going on outside the window.There is always a private, unique atmosphere that can distract from what is happening.

Rainy Day - a good time for a hike to visit

If long planned to come back to visit relatives or friends, the bad weather is the best assistant in this case.Why is that?In fact, it is quite simple in those days few people chosen out of the house, so guests visit unlikely to disrupt our plans.

Moreover, even many guests will be delighted, because they are likely to also puzzled by the question "What to do in bad weather?".Therefore, the ideal solution would be to phone with friends, type in the local supermarket and have a delicious meal chic gatherings.

true nature romance

Also, wet weather can be a good occasion to invite his chosen for a romantic dinner.It is possible to use as a table in the restaurant and make dinner yourself.What is true, the second option is better, in fact allows an evening alone with your loved one.

think that bad weather could be an obstacle to this?Then imagine for a moment that some cozy atmosphere will reign in a warm room, at a time when the window drumming rain.And for the more romantic it is to light candles and turn a nice jazz.

What to do at the resort in bad weather?

biggest disappointment may be a trip to the resort.More precisely, if the sunshine instead of tourists are expected to rain.Agree, the prospect of a long-awaited vacation in the hotel room is unlikely someone will please.

But do not immediately despair, and even more so to take the tickets for the return flight.After all, even in the nasty weather, you can find a place to get a rest in the glory.So, how to brighten up your holiday in the resort during nepogoditsy?

  1. first step is to explore the surroundings.Often, on its territory there are various recreational facilities.For example, indoor pools, mini-movie theaters, clubs and restaurants.
  2. next step is to talk with the local port or a bartender.Such people always know where to go and that their city should be seen.
  3. in any tourist town there are lots of institutions designed to entertain the crowd.This can be a circus, exhibition, under the dome of water parks and so on.Learn about their location can be on the Internet or in a tourist brochure.

main thing to remember about the security measures and protect their health.Because hypothermia can lead to cold, which is bad for all the rest.