What is the best electric shaver - rotary or grid (reviews).

smooth-shaven face or light unshaven?In any case, the men are forced to use a machine or an electric razor.This article describes the types of modern electric razors and their advantages and disadvantages.

What electric

Because of their physiological characteristics of men are forced to shave their face every day.To facilitate the daily care, the inventors have developed a device known as an electric shaver.It is a mechanism with a blade that runs on batteries.Roughly speaking, this automatic machine.

regards efficiency electric shaver constantly debate.Some men defend traditional machines, while others prefer the appliance.

Today made of different kinds of electric shavers.They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric Shaver: Net vs rotor

Depending on the operating principle of all electric shavers are divided into:

  1. Grid - they work on the same principle as a conventional machine.Grid equipped with electric sliding blades that cut the stubble, and the protective netting.The hair fall into the net and immediately cut by rotating blades.This protective mechanism separates sharp blade from the surface of the skin and thus provides a safe shave.This design feature is an important difference from the grid rotary shavers.Choosing a device of this type, you can not worry about cuts.The presence of the mesh does not affect the quality of the shave.But it is better to choose an electric shaver in which the most delicate mesh.
  2. Rotary, or rotational, - considered to be the ideal option for men whose hair grows unevenly.The rotary electric shaver is equipped with round blades, located on the movable head.During operation of the device head is constantly spinning, cutting the grown stubble.However, some manufacturers produce electric shaver with a fixed head.Usually cars are 2-3 floating head that accurately follow the contours of the face.

Each type has its own characteristics, which not everyone likes.Therefore, men must themselves determine what is best electric shaver - rotary or grid.User reviews can serve as an information basis for choosing.

Varieties of razor wire

Electric grid type there are several kinds.Thus, the device may have a different number of shaving units.In addition, an electric shaver can be provided with a trimmer, which allows longer hair shaved.Features and design features should be specified at the time of purchase.

In addition, the grid electric shavers come with fixed and floating heads.According to experts, more convenient and practical are devices with rotating heads.So, while shaving they adjust to the contours of the face and thus provide a better shave.

Types of rotary shavers

Electric this type is similar to the grid can have one, two or three shaving unit.In the latter embodiment, the blocks are arranged to form a triangle and are at a slight angle.This provides the highest quality electric shaving well as each unit against the skin during shaving.

Basically, all rotary razor equipped with an extra attachment - trimmer that easily extends by pressing a special lever.

determine what is best razor - grid or rotary, will review the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Advantages and disadvantages of the grid electric shavers

Razor grid type is ideal for men with sensitive skin.Particularly delicate shaving provide electric shavers, grids are covered with a thin layer of platinum.As for drawbacks, devices of this type do not provide ideal care.

What better razor - grid or rotary?Every man must determine it yourself.The best option would be to try to imagine every kind, to select the most suitable device.

Pros and cons of a rotary shaver

Modern electric shaver rotary type generally have a double blade.It provides high quality shaving.Thus, the first blade serves for lifting the hair, and the second blade cuts a specific angle.

This design feature allows you to cope with the growing uneven stubble, which may have a different direction.This feature should be considered in the first place when you need to make a choice: rotary or electric grid?Which to choose?The answer to this question must be sought on the basis of efficiency.For example, when using a rotary razor facial skin becomes perfectly smooth.Especially effective is a shaver in which a shaving unit plates have openings for the short bristles.

This device characteristics significantly affect the choice of electric shavers.Rotor or grid - in each case it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics.The unequivocal Council can not give any one person.

How to choose an electric razor

When selecting the shaver is recommended to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. number of heads, which are arranged blades - the more, the better the shave.But we must remember that the number of bits depends on the value of the instrument.
  2. Mobility shaving head - a device with a floating head better contact with the skin and provides a comfortable and efficient shave.
  3. The availability of wet shaving - it is not required, but there are men who prefer shaving foam.On the market there are many models of electric shavers, which have such a function.In addition, wet shaving does not cause skin irritation.This function can be any device, regardless of the rotary or electric grid.How to choose - must be solved taking into account the characteristics of the growth of stubble.If the skin is tender, but the hair grows unevenly - the ideal solution would be washable rotary electric shaver.
  4. Availability trimmer - for men with mustaches and beard, this device is a must.It allows you to trim your sideburns and cut regrown his mustache and beard.When selecting the shaver need to ask about the type of trimmer.Thus, it can be built-in or pull-out.The first type of device is used mainly in the razor wire and located between the two shaving foil.Pop-up trimmer is a separate blade.
  5. type of food - if you choose electric shaver is very important to clarify how the device: mains or battery power.A more convenient to consider a razor on the battery.Firstly, it is used in the mobile.And secondly, it is possible to take on the road.When selecting the storage device is important to choose a razor at a high rate charging and prolonged use.
  6. Availability treatment systems and the possibility of manual adjustment.It is more convenient to use an electric razor, which can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Shaver Philips

Among the well-known manufacturers of electric shavers are the most popular device company Philips.This producer for several decades engaged in manufacturing electric shavers.Extensive experience and continuous improvement has made Philips brand most in demand in the world market.

by Philips takes into account all the wishes and requirements of customers and produce various modifications of the shaver.A wide range of demanding attracts men who wish to get the most convenient device.

compared with counterparts of other brands Philips shaver have excellent performance, high quality and comfort of use.Each model is carefully developed by the best specialists.Therefore, the products of the brand around the world considered the most modern and high quality.

To evaluate the product on the official website of the company have the opportunity to give feedback on the electric Philips.Rotor or grid, electric or battery machine - any kind of product that the brand enjoys strong demand.

As for the reviews, enough users appreciate the quality of electric shavers Philips.Holders of units noted shaving performance, user-friendly design and functionality.

Many users to purchase long determined what the best electric shaver - rotary or grid.Reviews holders of these instruments helped to make a choice.But it is better to be guided not only the views of users, and personal preferences.

User reviews

Before buying a razor should become familiar with all existing models from different manufacturers.It is important to evaluate the capabilities and characteristics of each species.Equally valuable information to determine what the best electric shaver - rotary or grid - customer reviews.By comparing the description of sellers with its users, it is possible to designate the most suitable model.

reviews about electric shavers are very different.Some men claim that such devices are not profitable and require a cost comparable to the cost of new high-quality tools for shaving.For example, all require periodic replacement shaver heads, a set which, as a rule, is not cheap.And we must remember that more expensive models are costly.Other men have for years enjoyed only an electric razor and consider it the best tool for routine care.Mostly men buy this device because of the ease of use and security.Electric neatly cuts bristles and is not in contact with the skin.

As for what kind of electric better rotor or grid - mixed reviews.Most buyers choose the type of razor mesh.