What is a weekday?

Everyone has their own rhythm of life.Most of the people got used to divide all the temporary space on certain cyclical intervals.The most common is the division of the rhythms of the day on weekdays and weekends.Why did it happen, and where it is fixed?Let's face it.

A little bit of history (but important)

Let's start with the origin of the word.Whenever we mention weekdays, we refer to those which are normally.But society is not uniform.For workers on weekdays - the ones where you need to go to work.And, for example, for the rentiers?And there is this notion for those who do not need to work?It turns out that these citizens do not need to share your life on the quality of different lengths.The point is the notion of the week.It is derived from the Old Slavonic verb buditi.The word means - to wake up.But do not just interrupt sleep - namely, "get up for work."If you know it, no doubt about what is meant by the phrase "working days" does not arise.As in ancient times, and now the daily work is associated with the need to keep yourself within the strict limits, do not be lazy to exercise willpower.And in fact - to get up early and go on boring service.So the world works.Most likely, therefore, the phrase "the week" very few people happy.

What do dictionaries

For some inexplicable reason, "routine" - a lot.Singular term does not matter.Perhaps, and here it worked a dream of such a life, when you do not have to get up every day before dawn and do hard labor.Why hide, dreamed about it before.Now, like dreams betrayed more people.It turns out that everyday life is always a lot and holidays - a little.Like it or not, and the output is a single number.Dictionaries tell us that the week - is opposed to the weekends.That is, the days when you can temporarily leave the works.In addition, everyday - a time when life flows in the mode of everyday, ordinary.It should be added that most of everyday life - are certain days of the week: Monday to Friday.Not for everyone.Rather, this rhythm replicated media.There are many people for whom he knocked down, broken.These include those employed, for example, in maintenance or in the continuous production.Ask this: "What is your normal working day?" You will hear - working.And those can be and all your favorite Saturday and Sunday, even the New Year - a holiday that no one everyday language does not turn to call.

Weekdays in the Labour Code - normal working time

This concept is in the Labour Code.Article 91 of the said document regulates it in forty hours.But that is not all.Standard - this is the work on weekdays.That is forty hours divided between Monday and Friday in equal proportions.We get: eight hours a day.This is the normal working hours.There are companies where it is necessary to work weekdays and weekends.For example, stores can not be closed on Saturdays and Sundays, people need products and so on.In this case, set the schedule.It must take into account all the same forty hours per week.The employee need to provide an output that does not necessarily fall on a Sunday.Subject to the rules of art.91 processing is not considered.

What is Recycling

If an ordinary weekday man forced to work more positions, this should be documented.That is the chief can not give the oral order, mandatory for execution.It is simply forbidden the Labour Code.To the employee worked during the week longer than usual, need a reasonable document.Reasons for the publication of this order included in the TC.These may be the need for manufacturing, implementation of urgent work and so on.All this should be stated in the document.In addition, it is communicated to employees under the signature.It also indicates the type and amount of compensation.They also transcribed in TC.So, for the processing of the employee may be granted time off (output) at a different time.Another option: this time will be paid at higher rates.