How to connect your computer to the Internet via a tablet.

The plates are now an indispensable tool for many users.And there are many reasons, the main of which - mobility.After him you will always and everywhere be able to apply to the data needed to access the Internet, take a photo, video, watch a movie, read a book, play games and so on.That is, having it, you constantly have on hand almost full-fledged computer, but with a smaller screen.

Why do it?

But sometimes it is necessary to access the Internet on your PC via the tablet.This may be due to various reasons.For example, where there is a computer, simply connected to the Internet, or you can not hold it back through the cable, and there is no "three Ji" modem.Since the plate he had built, all understand that, theoretically, it can transmit data to a computer.

Or in the room is possible only wireless connection and the computer, as we all know, are generally not equipped with a "wi-fi"-receiver.The tablet also has its well, so it is obvious that it is theoretically possible to provide Internet

access through a tablet computer.But know this - this one, and to put into practice - is quite another.Therefore, in this article we will learn how to establish a connection to the Internet via a tablet.

Just say that it can be done in several ways, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages.All of them will be thoroughly investigated by us, and also separately consider their positive and negative sides.After our little research you will be able to decide for themselves which of the available ways to choose the best for your personal needs and requirements.

wi-fi to help

Let's start with how to connect to the Internet via a wireless tablet.After all, virtually all such devices are equipped with wi-FEMA, which can be turned on or off using the settings (except for only the cheapest items), so it is not a sin to use.Imagine that you are now close to a public place, which sees the access point and your portable device, or in your home there is a possibility of such a connection.

In this case, you must go to the settings of your tablet, where to find the section in charge of the work of wi-fi receiver.Activate it if it has been inactive, then the device will identify all available networks to connect.Keep in mind that there are both secured (established using a password), and the unprotected network.The latter you can easily connect, but to the "password-protected" connect will not work if you do not know the code itself.

So choose the desired network, you need to enter the password, and wait for the tablet will connect to the internet, as you will them informed.When this happens, connect the cord on a special computer with this device.Next, with the help of a staff of software that you should already be installed on the machine, connect to the tablet.

3G comes in

now turn to the second way on how to connect your computer to the Internet via a tablet.Almost all these portable gadgets have support for "Three Gee" -nets and connector for a SIM card.If you have this feature is not supported, this way you will not work, so go to the next.But the happy owners of tablets that are equipped with this useful feature, this method can greatly facilitate life.

Coverage of mobile networks now exist almost everywhere.Most operators already in many places to provide Internet services of the third generation.Therefore, as you may have guessed, this means access to the World Wide Web will always and everywhere.However, the negative side to include data rate, but it can be considered as payment for mobility.

How to do it?

So, how to connect your computer to the Internet using a tablet using this method?It's pretty simple.The procedure is almost identical with the connection to the mobile phone network.Insert your SIM card into the slot in the plate.The device will adjust and find its operator providing communication services and data transmission.

again go into the tablet, we find tab function control data, and then activate it.Remember, if the device will need to enter any additional settings for the possibility of the Internet in the gadget, you can always update them from your mobile operator.Oh, and then connect using the cable plate to the computer and run the software.

3G-modem for formal

we consider another method of how to connect your computer to the Internet via a tablet with "Three Gee" -modema.It is useful to those users who do not have a built-in modem.However, just say that you should not do, since it is possible to connect directly to the data transmission device with a SIM card into the port USB, thereby obtaining the necessary access.However, if under certain circumstances you have to do it through the plate, then read on.

regime change

So, connect to the tablet "Three Gee" -mode.This can be done either directly or through an adapter.Next, put the device for data transfer mode, which is called "Only a modem."This can be done using a computer (laptop) and a program called "Hyper Terminal".

When the modem mode is transferred to the above, connect it to the tablet.In the setting of the last function will be activated, which is called the "data transfer".Done?Excellent.Wait a while until the tablet detects it and prepare for work.After that, go to the settings menu of the access point, where it will be necessary to create a new one.Prescribe there all the data provided by your operator, and save the settings.You can now use the Internet as soon as connected to the computer and run the necessary software.


continue to consider how to connect your computer to the Internet via a tablet.And the following method can be considered exotic.After the connection is made through connector Ethernet.When would you want?When the computer for some reason does not work or no network card, and home router does not support wireless transmission.

What do we need?The first adapter RJ-45 / USB.More drivers prepare for the tablet, which tend to come with the device.If not, they can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website to your gadget.Now, connect the adapter with the cable to the plate, and its settings activate the function of wireless data transmission.The plate, in turn, must be connected to a computer.

"blue teeth"

Well, it remains to consider the latter method, which I would also like to introduce you.For older devices can be fitted only on the data transfer technology bluetooth.Set your tablet and computer software, which is called "BT DUN".Run this software on your computer, then to the other device, and connect the devices together.Now the PC will be able to access the Internet through a tablet.However, the speed will not please you, as bluetooth can not provide it at a high level.

But there is a reverse situation, when you need to, for example, "organize" internet tablet via laptop.In this case, it would be an excellent tool Wi-Fi.You just need to connect to a pre-established on the computer has a wireless network and make all the settings.

That's all the ways that we want to tell you in this article.Hopefully some of them will suit you, and you can use it.