Going to myself: How thoughts affect our body?

words "thoughts" and "muscle" is no accident in tune with each other.Both of these concepts relating to the human body, are linked, and very closely.At first glance, this is not surprising - the brain controls our movements by sending signals, irritating the muscles and causes them to shrink.But in reality the scheme of the relationship between our brain and muscles is much more complicated.

scientists, psychologists have shown that human muscle recorded scripts of his behavior, which begin to form in early childhood - at a stage when we learn to walk and begin to actively learn about the world.Our brains, which seeks to minimize the "number of operations" gradually "programs" muscle fibers, recording program scenarios at the cellular level, thus taking off some of the load.

find out their personal scenario is a snap.That is quite a simple test - straightened to his full height, relax your muscles and notice how you stand.If a full foot, then everything is all right: you accept the surrounding reali

ty, and actively interact with it.If the weight of the body mainly comes on the heels - you tend to step back from the world and take a contemplative stance.Those who are standing, leaning on toes, and all are afraid of the world around them and do not want to not only come into contact with him, but even just to watch.

However, even if you find yourself not the most pleasant option for themselves, there is no reason to despair.Everything can be changed.Remember - our minds and muscles are inextricably linked to each other.Transformed our thinking - and, according to this changes behavior.Or vice versa: the body itself dictates how it wants to move, and after it becomes different mental perception of the world.

Since childhood we have been taught how to behave.We dutifully memorized the necessary postulates, although internally and are not always accepted them.Gradually, our way of life reflected in the posture, plasticity, manner of speaking and reacting.And some even took the form of chronic diseases.Modern psychologists propose to reverse and listen first to his body.

Feel what the movement wants to make, and how they affect the mental state and general health, can be in the classroom plastic spontaneous dance.From a medical and psychological point of view, spontaneous dance refers to a form of art therapy.But afraid of medical terms it is not necessary, because it is not just psychological training, but also a way to spend time, the opportunity to correct your posture, tightened figure and, as a result, feel good about themselves.

At first glance, the plastic dance is a mix of well-known fashion all dance styles: classical ballet, character dance, Indian, flamenco, as well as elements of yoga and martial arts.In fact this is so, and not quite so.Plastic dance teaches us not just to carry out this or that movement, but also to focus on how it affects the emotional and mental state.

However, let's start from the beginning.First you need to remove the physical terminals.This, in turn, will help to change the adverse physical scenarios and through the body to make contact with his own soul.To feel the muscles, they need to stretch and then relax and stretch again.In parallel with the physical movements you learn to focus on the muscle groups you worked with.As a result of these simple, at first glance, the exercises you can go to the problem rooted in your childhood.

next step - training the body to learn various physical culture: dancing, oriental martial arts, meditation and bodily practices.The main focus at this stage is given exercises on coordination, which allows to establish a harmonious relationship between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, responsible, respectively, for the imaginative and logical thinking.And this, in turn, contributes to the rapid development of bodily practices and techniques.

Those who successfully removed the clamps and properly prepare your body the opportunity to achieve harmony of his physical body and mind.Any

our movement associated with a particular mental state.During the sessions you will feel that means saying "body listens to the soul, and the soul - body."Befall the soul and psyche manifest themselves through movement and body posture!Most people come to class plastic dance in "disassembled" state.Through the study of the qualitative characteristics of movement and control of the body gradually becomes aware of who you are, in fact, there would be some.

learn to listen to the body and do what it says, you will find your nature and will be able to learn to live in harmony with his personality.

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