Current trends Christmas outfits for the stars of "Ice Age"

coming new year and other winter holidays to all the ladies who want to look beautiful and stylish.

InStyle magazine released an original fashion photo shoot - it famous figure skater Tatiana Navka, Margarita Drobiazko and Angelika Krylova, the stars of the "Ice Age" show outfits actual winter trends.

shiny fabric

shine for the New Year - this is a good tradition, drinking champagne.But one can not do a great dress.Play on contrasts - shiny fabric or embroidered with sequins dress will look very stylish, combined with a sweater large knitted or woolen cardigan.

leopard print

Boldly combine tops with prints in this style and bright accessories (large necklace, a belt, a lot of bracelets), but "down" to such addition is better to choose stricter.

metallic finish

Do not be afraid to combine different metal parts attire (a few bracelets, Cardigan with plates, "metallic" dress).The main thing - the color of the metal should be one.

Angelika Krylova unexpectedly discovered the beauty of this trend: "These decorations and finishing color" metallic "reminded me of the splendor of medals - bronze, silver, gold.Very unusual and daring combination! »


sweater dress can be a great New Year's dress.That he did not look casually put on the belt (it will allocate the waist), and of the accessories fit stockings and boots.


help you brilliant mini-dress, the largest Gothic necklaces and biker gloves that can be supplemented with a thin scarf and clutch with multicolored sequins.

Downy fabric and fringe

Due fluffy fringe you'll look like a princess from a cartoon by Tim Burton.Combine these outfits better with sleek accessories (eg, flat necklace), high boots and platform shoes.

Tatiana Navka about these dresses, "I'm a great fringe.But if the dress created for the dance in retro style - a cross between what wore in "Cabaret" Liza Minnelli, and dress of Marilyn Monroe movie "Some Like It Hot."

Increased shoulders

to the jacket with big shoulders perfect narrow mini-dress.Create a complete image of the 1980s to help necklaces in several rows, wide belt and boots with an open face.

strict elegance

fashion trends allow even parties not to abandon the strict orders.However, it is better to choose a costume, decorated with spangles, and instead of formal wear blouses top in small peas.

Large decorations to make the image even more colorful - agree with this Margarita Drobiazko "Lurex, rhinestones, sequins - all that shine I associate with ice, with the costumes, which I performed at competitions."

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