Return mortgage interest.

Having your own property is a measure of values.About 30 years ago, the solution to this issue was the state.Now, citizens themselves must provide themselves with shelter.But expect some help is still possible.For example, the return of interest on the mortgage.On the essence and details of this process, read on.

Clarifying concepts

Mortgage - one of the ways to acquire their own housing.If not for the high percentages for this service, then every Russian has long been to their square footage.However, the state provides the possibility of partial compensation costs.So, what constitutes a return of interest on the mortgage actually is.

  1. State recognizes that the purchase of housing - a very important event in the lives of citizens, so make changes to the Tax Code.
  2. Reduce the cost of acquisition of property takes place by reducing the tax base from which the citizen pays 13% NFDL.For example, if you charge a person a salary of 30 thousand. Rub., For a year he receives 360 thousand. Rub.If this amount he manages to buy the property, the tax base is reduced by a similar figure.That is, the state is obliged to return: 360/100 x 13 = 46.8 thousand. Rub.It's part of the tax assessed in the year in which the purchase was formalized.The calculation takes the amount of accrued but unpaid income.
  3. number of people able to buy an apartment at the same time, a little.Much more transactions is made in installments.The government has developed a program in which envisaged a reduction in the base amount of interest that people pay in monthly payments.Because the commission of the bank - the main part of the cost of buying an apartment.13% of this sum and non-refundable.

Who has the right to deduct

citizens who have sources of income taxable personal income tax.First of all the people who are employed and receive a "white" salary.If the "gray" scheme, you can count on compensation from the official amount of income.If a citizen earns revenue from several sources (two or more jobs, rent, gains from the sale of securities and so forth.), They can also be used for the calculations.

If the borrower is the entrepreneur, who works on the "simplified taxation", he is not entitled to such a benefit.The same applies to pensioners.

Women can apply for a refund of interest paid on the mortgage after maternity leave.If a house was purchased to it, the income taken into account to the "holidays".If they will miss the remainder can be obtained after the holiday.

People who are officially working in Russia for more than 6 months of the year, but do not have citizenship, can receive a refund of interest on the mortgage.

The exemption does not apply if the transaction has been executed between relatives, colleagues and other related parties.

sum deduction

basis for calculation is the money spent on the construction, purchase of real estate.If the transaction is shaped by special-purpose loans, are taken into account the interest on it.But in the contract must be clearly stated that the money given "to buy a house."A different formulation is unacceptable.

If home without finishing the mortgage has been issued, the return will be 13 percent of the calculation of the amount of principal and interest on the loan, the cost of project development, purchase of materials, finishes payment, connection to electrical grids, water- and gas supply.The cost of completion may be considered only if the contract states that purchased the unfinished building.If shaped by currency mortgages, all expenses are translated at the exchange rate on the payment date.

The maximum amount of the deduction is limited to 2 mln. Rubles.on return of principal and 3 mln. rubles.- When returning percent.The latter provision applies only to contracts entered into after 2013.The tax credit can not include expenses undertaken by grants, maternity capital and other social payments.

Return mortgage interest: documents for

  • Treaty on the purchase of real estate or rights to acquire it in a newly built house.
  • Acceptance protocol.
  • documents confirming the payment of expenses (to the order receipt, the receipt of the seller, bank statements, receipts procurement of materials).
  • documents proving ownership.
  • loan agreement.

no certificate of ownership can not get a tax deduction.If you acquired the property in a newly built house, for the benefits of registration have to wait for an act of reception and transmission.All documents should be issued at the person who is going to receive compensation.Otherwise you'll have to write a power of attorney in the real payer.

package of documents you need to provide to the tax at the place of residence, regardless of where the property was acquired.The term decision - 3 months.If the answer is yes, then you need to write a statement to point to the bank account number to transfer funds.Money must be received within a month.In case of violation of the tax authority to pay interest for each day of delay at the rate of refinancing.If the application for a refund of interest paid on the mortgage has been rejected, you can appeal to the court.

The deal through an employer

Not all people conveniently tinker with the tax.Therefore, the return can be arranged at work.In this case, the employee will be paid a large salary as income tax an employer does not have to hold.For registration of the operation it is necessary to take notice of the tax deduction for the company with the name.This paper, together with the application it is necessary to submit to the employer.

personal income tax will not be held in the month following receipt of the documents.If the employee wants to change their place of employment, the balance of compensation will be available only through the tax.Notice issued once a year.

If an employee a place of employment, you will receive a refund of interest on the mortgage, he can not draw from other deductions that employer.

Procedure for payment

first repay the amount spent on the purchase of real estate (up to 260 thousand. Rub. = 13% * 2 million.), Then - the interest paid.But the declaration is necessary to specify the total amount that is compensable.The package of documents must be renewed every 12 months.

If the income does not cover the amount of deductions, it can be transferred to next year.In schemes with "gray" wages, there are cases when the loan is paid off already, and for compensation have to wait a few more years.


person who acquires the property for a loan in the Russian Federation has the right to obtain a refund of personal income tax.Interest on mortgages are paid off immediately, but as a debt to the bank.The operation is made through the tax.Documents for the deduction to be updated annually.If currency has been issued mortgages, the compensation is calculated from the amount of the costs to convert into rubles at the exchange rate on the payment date.