Right Hand - it is quite modern and archaic word?

Usually people use archaisms in his speech to add a statement of irony or unleash the kind of important.Some pundits, however, use such words about the significance of which only vaguely aware.For example, now very fashionable to say "I experienced the cognitive dissonance" or "spread the idea of ​​the tree", although some comrades in such a hurry to show off the mind that do not specify values ​​for these phrases in advance, and end up looking very silly when they try to use them at the wrongmoment.

popular archaism

One popular word-archaisms as a "right hand."This word is still on the ear, and the value of its almost intuitively understandable.Of course, if such a word you'll use in normal conversation with your friends, it will be regarded as a joke, but if you say the right hand of the stage, the performance will turn some charm.So what does the right hand?

meaning of the word.Common Misconceptions

What is the right hand?Many people mistakenly believe that they know the answer to this question.Before you embark on an interpretation should immediately specify that the right hand - it is something completely unrelated to the gums, teeth or even mouth, as it might seem, based on the root word.Similarly, the word "loins" has nothing to do with the stomach or internal organs, although the "womb" here and begs.In fact, right hand - it's only the right hand.In Old Slavonic word "Desna" means "right", "right side", hence the word "right hand."This word is known largely due to the expression of "avenging hand," which means "retribution" "retribution."In a broader sense, this term is meant as a hand.From this word is formed and Old Slavic "right hand," which means the same as "gums".Now these words are gone, they are completely obsolete and have been replaced by modern, so the ignorant person once difficult to define what they mean.

Hand of famous works in

Some writers have used this old Slavic word for his creations.For example, Pushkin's poem "Coln (imitation of Ossian)" has the following lines: "a sharp sword on his hip shines // Lance voruzhaet right hand."These words of Alexander used to describe the warrior, to emphasize the significance of the moment and what is going to give the right atmosphere.Also, in his poem, "Lord, I am ready to fight," the word is used and AK Tolstoy: "Love and anger put in my chest, and I // // Right Hand of St. He pointed a truthful way."Now the modern writers who know what the right hand is also sometimes use this word, if they want to emphasize the solemnity of the style, or simply bring it to the archaic.However, most "right hand" in modern literature will be eating, and perceived with irony.If you want to give the young author his character remarkable strength and seriousness, the use of the word "right hand" in his description of ruin the whole picture or somewhat puzzled reader.

In religion

Literature and ironic statements - is not the only area where you can use the word "right hand."The meaning of this term allows it to appear in the iconography, and religion in general.For example, the hand of God in the Orthodox Church - a kind of symbol of the patronage of the Most High righteous Christians.Sometimes the right hand of God is portrayed with saved souls of the children.These pictures illustrate the stories are usually on the subject of Judgment, and the children are considered to be righteous because of their age (sin have not yet).Also, some Christian religions worshiped as relics of the right hand.The best example - the right hand of John the Baptist.