Riders - what is it?

What can unite the motorcyclist, rider, Lawnmower, motorist, home trainer and art-manager?Each of them one way or another connected with the newfangled, but not fully understood a word.Riders - what is it?Let's face it.


modern vocabulary changes very rapidly.Like most other buzzwords, the term "rider" is borrowed from the English language.In fact, this is just a transliteration of the word, has its direct counterpart in the Russian language.Rider translated as "rider."

cowboys and bikers

So the gentleman of the eighteenth century thoroughbred trotter, scorched by the sun to semi-wild mustang cowboy, and even a young girl, just started taking riding lessons at the equestrian club - they all riders.What is it obtained?Ryder - a rider.And how then to be with household, garden, LED and other riders?How are they related to the horse riding?Everything in order.By the way, it is to say that over time, when to replace the noble animals came iron horses, the word migrated to the biker subculture firmly entrenched in it, and is still used today.

Technical hybrid

But the reason that cross between the tractor and the mower is also called this word is far from being understood at once.The fact that the riders to the usual garden mowers are distinguished by a comfortable seat and give odds to any tractor maneuverability.That's called it in memory of the opportunities that were once available to any rider.The use of garden rider is multifunctional: it is used for trimming grass, garbage collection, snow removal, watering and fertilizing the soil.

home fitness

resounding called, among other things, and fitness equipment.There are special trainers, riders, representing the structure is somewhat similar to a bicycle.However, unlike the bike sports equipment is designed to work with large muscle groups.Rider is designed for the type of scissors.And the essence of themselves exercise boils down to, to raise and lower the weight of your own body.This is somewhat boring, but effective, as you develop stamina and train the cardiovascular system of the whole body without putting undue strain or knee or elbow joints.

Tribute cinema

Let's delve into the story.In 1982 he appeared on American screens sci-fi TV series "Knight Rider," which was very popular not only for its four seasons, but also a long time after that.The vast expanses of the Russian television this creation has already conquered in the late nineties.And not so long ago, in 2008, to the delight of the fans was a sequel a favorite stories.

the story, one of the main roles played by the car the hero - he is intelligent, independent and able to voice chat.On the hood of this car set a strip of red LEDs that shimmer when the voice of the car.This effect looks pretty stylish.

name of the aforementioned television series in English sounds "Knight Rider".In his honor and named riders LED - decoration LED strips from that set on the hood of a car today.

place in show business

But often in the modern lexicon the word is used in the field of show business.The organization of the tour agents artists drawn riders.What is it in this case?This is a detailed list of everything you may need for celebrity appearances.This includes both technical suggestions on design stage and the performers themselves gastronomic cravings.

If you recall the origin of the word (it is based on the verb "go"), it is easy to understand why this is the title of the document.We are talking about the trip.Therefore it is not surprising that in such a multi-valued list of English needed for a trip of things from a verb to a noun translated.Striking another: the Russian language, with all its wealth so eagerly and indiscriminately absorb overseas definition.However, this is a completely separate issue.

Stellar disease

Many celebrities love to riders.What it is, is not known to the receiving party hearsay.And journalists are happy to try lighting greedy for sensations public whims of stars.It seems that in some cases the perpetrators specifically impose unreasonable requirements simply for the sake of them once again heard.

Star Riders sometimes include completely unexpected points.For example, a group of "Disco Crash" orders a live rooster to the accompanying person.Bird is used in one of the rooms.After that safe and sound representative of the birds returned to the owner.

But "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" prefer inanimate props on stage.For their numbers, they bought exactly 14 rolls of white toilet paper.And separately it specifies that the paper should not be perforated.

Povaliy specifically states that its service driver to be always with both hands.Also in the room it has to wait a basketball.His singer uses both sports equipment for the relaxation of the spine.

Of domestic performers will undoubtedly please fans of gossip Philip.His rider barely fit a dozen pages and includes all the details of your stay: from the white limousine that should take it off the plane, to a meticulous description of the contents of the refrigerator in the hotel room.

Overseas whim

Household riders some stars can be read like novels.And it's not in the beauty of style and in volume.For example, the list of demands of the singer Celine Dion takes 67 pages of text.Scary to think how much time it took to ensure that all of them come up.That there is only one transfer meticulous interior design and color scheme wallpaper!

Wishes Jennifer Lopez include the permanent presence of the person who should be sprayed around the perfume Chanel "White Gardenia".Tea, ready for it, must be mixed counterclockwise.About how to verify compliance with this requirement, we can only guess.And when the singer feels the need to listen to the music, she ordered out headphones, adorned with diamonds.

Madonna believes that after each visit to the toilet there is need to change the toilet seat toilet.The room it should expect fresh white orchid, salt from the depths of the Dead Sea and three special candle.And if someone dares to break the silence, it simply requires compensation for moral damages.

candy How to prevent a catastrophe

However, it also happens that in the seemingly ridiculous and silly requirement is hiding something more serious than it may seem at first glance.This is true in the case of the American hard rock band "Van Halen".

Rider group since the eighties includes one strange point.And he is registered in the middle of the technical specifications.Artists wanted to in the locker room has always been a bowl of candy, "M & amp; M", but among them there should be no brown pills.Sort

couple of packs of candy is not too difficult.However, this point specifically coined, and his performance is an indication that all other requirements were also taken into account and implemented.And among them are featured in a special way the need for the scene was properly fortified.And it is not just a whim of celebrities.

Such a requirement due to the fact that a group of "Van Halen" is used in speaking of specialized equipment, which in itself is bulky and heavy.Add to this the specifics of execution of hard rock, where several adult men from across the urine jump on stage and get serious force pressure on the supporting structures.

possible, about this little trick so no one would never have known if it were not indicative precedent occurred in one of the rounds.It happened at the University of Colorado.Going into the dressing room and artists have found their candy, but among them were also covered with a brown glaze.Instantly there was a question about the proper performance of the other requirements.Since the point of sorting pills has been issued in a document, they had the right to demand strength test stage.

When checking stage collapsed.The concert was canceled.However, thanks to this foresight has been maintained not only the integrity of expensive equipment, but also, quite possibly, not one young life.