Average atmospheric pressure in Moscow, from which it depends?

As in other places in the capital of Russia being of people depends on how a normal atmospheric pressure in Moscow.It consists of several components.It is the geographical latitude, the height of the village above sea level, air temperature and so on.

In addition, the value to which the atmosphere of pressure on people, very unstable and varies even within a day.Therefore meteodependent better to know in advance what to expect from the weather to be able to prepare.

What is the atmospheric pressure, and what is normal?

Before we talk about what a normal atmospheric pressure in Moscow, you need to understand what it is.So, first things first.

atmospheric pressure due to the weight of air.Its value is determined by the rate of 1 cm2 area of ​​the body located on the surface of the Earth.Measured pressure in several units from millibar (mb) to millimeters of mercury (mm Hg. Art.) And Pascal (Pa).In different situations, I enjoy the fact that it is more convenient.In meteorology accustomed millimeters of mercury column.

considered normal value at sea level, ie, at an altitude of 0 m, at a temperature of 0 ° C.It was equal to 760 mm Hg.Art.

However, this number is not always right.Atmospheric pressure in Moscow, for example, considerably below this value.And even within the city limits, it may be substantially different.

air pressure on people.Why they do not feel?

Translated into plain language, it turns out that the human body puts pressure air whose weight is 15 tons.Agree, it is very much.

pressure of the atmosphere is not felt, because it is offset by the presence of dissolved gases in the blood.They also allow people to ignore the huge column of air above them.

The human body has adapted and normal atmospheric pressure in Moscow did not have a negative impact on his health.If you long to train, then you can normally exist at low or high value mm Hg.

How does the air pressure from the heights?

It decreases.Because of the uneven density of gas is changed differently.Thus, when picked up at the first 50 meters of height the pressure will be at 5 mm Hg.Art.less.Another 50 m upwards - and lowering another 4 mm Hg.Art.

Due to the fact that the capital of Russia is at an altitude of 130-150 m above the sea surface, normal atmospheric pressure in Moscow, will be equal to 746-749 mm Hg.Art.The uneven topography of the city does not allow an unambiguous result.So, the answer to the pressing question: "Normal atmospheric pressure in Moscow - this is how much?" - Is vague.

If you go to the Ostankino TV tower, you find yourself at an altitude of 540 m. The atmospheric pressure there will be about 711 mm Hg.Art.Therefore, a rapid rise to it is not recommended due to possible deterioration of health.

fluctuations of atmospheric pressure, depending on the time of day and season

It is determined by the temperature of the air - at night it is lower than during the day.In a direct function of the temperature and pressure are stored.This is normal.Atmospheric pressure in Moscow during the day, too, will change, but not much.Typically, such oscillation is not more than 2 mm Hg, which is within the allowable limits.

The same can be said about the seasonal change in pressure.With the increase in the average daily temperatures in spring and summer marked its growth.Therefore, normal atmospheric pressure in Moscow in the winter will be a little lower than in summer.

Communication atmospheric pressure weather

in the air constantly formed region with an increased or reduced pressure.In meteorology, they are called the anticyclones and cyclones.They move slowly along the surface of the earth and bring with them a change in pressure.If its value is significantly different from the usual, the locals can react badly to it.Because the drops recorded in the range from 640 to 815 mm Hg.Art.

As the human body reacts to pressure fluctuations?

It all depends on how it is adapted to the changes.Health workers believe that the value of 750-765 mm Hg.Art., - this is a normal atmospheric pressure in Moscow.Now the living conditions of residents of cities such that they have to live in high-rise buildings, and to work, or at least get to the place of service - at ground level.Therefore, people in one day experiencing the pressure fluctuations.Since the body gets used and becomes malovospriimchiva a smooth change.It's good exercise.

Another thing, if the atmospheric pressure changes sharply in one direction or another.That jump is the rise or fall in the value of 1 mm to 3 hours.Then the cardiovascular system is experiencing a serious load.

If the pressure drops, then:

  • person experiences headaches and difficulty breathing;

  • his heartbeat increases, as found in the blood of the lack of oxygen;

  • he has a numb fingers and aching in the joints - this is due to poor blood supply.

In the case of pressure increase:

  • blood is supplied with plenty of oxygen, which leads to increased vascular tone and appearance of spasms;

  • man observes the appearance of flies in the eyes, dizziness and nausea.

Results: Recommendations to those who are sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure

If the weather forecast sounded a warning about the sudden change in weather, there will be a pressure surge.This is a signal to the fact that in this day as much as possible to reduce the load on the body.Such measures will be enough to not feel discomfort.

In situations where a person is inclined to increase or decrease in blood pressure, it is necessary to consult with your doctor and pick up medication.