And you know what rock?

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What rock?Simple enough at first glance, a word.But, believe me, just at first.In fact, you can talk about it for hours, the main thing - to determine the direction, and there are at least three.

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So, what can imply saying this combination of letters?Referring to the dictionary, such as Ozhegova.This "slovohranilische" the following definition - high rock.But Ushakov in his dictionary gave it a slightly different definition of the word - a cliff.So what is the rock?In geography and geology of the rock has some vague definition.The reason is that a clear explanation is required to specify the exact degree of tilt of the cliff, and in the nature of a clear indicator may get not everyone.

One can only then that the high plummet / breakage formed due to washing away / weathering / erosion and subsequent obvalivaniya mountains.Most of these breaks occur along the rivers, seas and oceans.Cliff is often confused with the slope.It's something different in appearance, but in fact the same.Escarpment - a subtype of rock formed by landslides.It is believed that the word "rock" in the Russian language from the word "hack", it was the original meaning - a smooth rock.

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From the foregoing, the uninitiated person is difficult to make a clear conclusion, but the visuals that we have made to the text, will help to appreciate the beauty and majesty of the cliffs.The best known are the following:

- Rock Kurosakitakao, Mikurajima, prefecture of Tokyo, Japan (480 meters above the Pacific);

- Nanga Parbat, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, 4,600 meters;

- Hornelen, Norway, 860 meters;

- Troll Wall, Norway;

- Mountain Top, Baffin Island, Canada;

- Autana Tepui, Venezuela;

- Kogelberg, Western Cape, South Africa, on 1289 meters above the False Bay, the Atlantic Ocean;

- Drakensberge Amphitheatre, South America, five kilometers in length;

- Tugela Falls, the second highest waterfall in the world, falls to 948 meters on the edge of the cliff face;

- Peak Mitra, New Zealand, at 1683 meters above the fjord of Milford Sound.

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What is the rock yet?This is the village of the same name, is a wonderful place on the Crimean peninsula.He tenderly and gently washed by two seas: Azov and Black.On the territory of Kucuk Lambath (formerly known as the village of Rock), near Alushta, it was elevated to a symbol of eternal and pure love.Princess Gagarin in memory of the deceased husband built a castle in the Germanic style.In its construction were purchased only the best materials, invite famous masters for a complex operation with Venetian glass, marble, tile, ceramic tile.

castle is surrounded by an old park, and the complex includes a house church and the hospital, to work for free for local residents.At the moment the castle is located sanatorium "Utes".Photos of buildings and surrounding areas fascinate to this day.Many tourists do not go there just to relax and recharge the atmosphere of reverent feeling - true love.


fair to say that the village is "The Rock" - is not only the famous castle of Princess Gagarina, is a network of hotels of different levels, offering numerous effective treatments and forms of recreation.In Crimea there is an active movement of divers, because at the bottom of the seas washing peninsula is a huge number of ancient ships, attracting fans of extreme sports and history.Popular horseback riding, caving and rock climbing.

attracted no less interest and left by ancient peoples living on the peninsula, historical monuments.List of the most famous, of course, joined the settlement and "The Rock", which is located the castle of Princess Gagarina.No less famous Bakhchisaray Khan's palace, the famous Livadia Palace.Must visit the parks and waterfalls Crimea.

And what else?

addition Crimean "Cliff" proudly wear the same name a few settlements in the world.For example, in Missouri and New Mexico (USA), there are villages in England so called area of ​​the city of Salford.There eponymous school in Derbyshire (England), it operates a Christian theological college.So it called Pacific cyclone of 2007.

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What rock within literary studies?That's a lot.So titled one of the most famous poems MULermontov.It seems everyone remembers the first lines: "slept Golden Cloud on the chest of the giant rock ....".The little creature has a profound meaning, it picks up the theme of unrequited love and loneliness.Meaning of the word "rock" in this case is very conditional.Thin parallel between the images and symbols allows readers to plunge into the depths of their own experiences and thoughts.Moreover, this parallel images formed the basis of the poem "Romance" and "Time of the heart to be alone."The latter was created in 1841 by Lermontov.He praised the compatriots (V. Belinsky, M. Gorky), and in APChekhov's first two lines have become an epigraph to the story "On the Road."