Martin Brodeur: goalie, capable of anything

Martin Brodeur, a photo which more than one year adorned the cover of the best hockey titles and sports simulation, finished his glorious career in the "St. Louis" during the season 2013/2014.His main achievements are associated with the club "New Jersey Devils" and the team of Canada, where he became not only the author of numerous records, but also a legend, an icon for the fans.

basic biographical facts

Perhaps Martin Brodeur was doomed to be a hockey player.First, he was born in a hockey city in the world - Montreal, Canada, which is in the 60-70-ies.Twentieth century stamped Stanley Cup one by one.This is a momentous event took place May 6, 1972, when the whole country is a maple leaf lived in anticipation of the upcoming superbitvy with amateurs from the Soviet Union.

Secondly, his father - Denis Brodeur - was quite famous hockey player.However, most of his career took place in the lower leagues, but he had a personal reason to be proud - a bronze medal obtained in the national team for the performances at the Olympic Games in 1956.

Martin Brodeur was a model son, but his family life, this can be said.With his first wife - Melanie Dubois, who bore him three charming heroes and beautiful princess - he divorced after eight years of marriage.This scandal could not be avoided: Melanie filed for divorce after she learned that her husband is cheating on her with his wife by her brother.Second marriage - Genevieve Nohl - turned out to be stronger: getting married in 2008, the couple are in a happy union until now.

All sons from his first marriage went the way of his father.At the same time, two of them - Anthony and Jeremy - chose to line the goalkeeper, but William decided to change the family tradition and became a striker.

Martin Brodeur and the "New Jersey DevilsĀ»

all its major prizes at club level "Iron Martin" won in the "New Jersey Devils", although, as any resident of Montreal, he was a childhood dream to play in the local superclub.However, the NBA Draft in 1990 in the first round of his chosen club from the suburbs of New York, as Brodeur probably no later regretted.

His first match in the red and black thirtieth issue of "devils" held March 22, 1992 against the "bears" in Boston.In front of him waiting for 21 more season with the club in 1259, and matches with a fantastic average percentage reflected throws - 91.2.Martin Brodeur was a supporter of the traditional North American goalie equipment Stand up, which is characterized by a rigid vertical stand and excellent knowledge of the stick.

tuber Martin achievements should first be noted three Stanley Cups and four "Vezina" as the best goalkeeper of the championship.Of the three championship rings is the most valuable, of course, the first produced by the results of the season 1994/1995 years.Then the "Devils" showed sverhzakryty hockey, the pillars of which were Martin Brodeur and captain Scott Stevens.The most difficult series was semifinal confrontation with the "Philadelphia Flyers", led by Eric Lindros.That victory over her team discovered the way to the trophy.

Personal Achievements NHL

addition to the four cups best goalkeeper Martin Brodeur boasts a prize "the best newcomer of 1994", as well as the current record for the most clean sheets in the regular season and the playoffs.For twelve consecutive seasons goalkeeper he scored thirty or more victories, showing in each neprobivaemosti percentage of over 90%.Nine-Star Game participant, it is the record for most spent on a hockey rink games - 1266 (including seven games in the "St. Louise Blues").

In addition, Martin Brodeur is the owner of several not quite typical for the goalkeeper achievements.So, to his credit it appears three goals, one of which he spent in the playoffs, and another was victorious in the match.Nicknamed the "Iron" he was after in 2006-2007 held on ice 4697 consecutive minutes.

Team Canada

Martin Brodeur - goalkeeper, best known for his performances for the club from New Jersey, however, and as part of Team Canada, he left quite an imprint.That there are at least two of his Olympic gold medals Salt Lake City and Vancouver, as well as winning the World Cup in 2004?Yes, he had not managed to become champion of the world and to enter into so-called "Triple Gold Club", but it happened because of the fact that his club is almost always reached the most advanced stages of the Stanley Cup, and Martin just did not have the opportunity to help theirteam in the fight for the world championship.

Life after hockey

any athlete is extremely difficult to finish his professional career.That Brodeur, despite the fact that its performance in recent years have been much worse, until recently, trying to stay in their favorite game.He even went on a very controversial step - signed before the season of 2013-2014.contract with the "St. Louis", but having spent a total of seven games, he had to admit that he could not deceive the rapidly flying time.

Today, Martin Brodeur, whose biography, published in 2006, became a bestseller, has been very measured way of life.Owning several pizzerias and a spa in Montreal, he was not experiencing any financial difficulties.In his spare time he likes to act as an expert on local television and in hockey magazines.On the career coach, he is not thinking, even though many fans of this great game are waiting for this step would.