Project activities and its prospects in the modern educational process

In recent years, the project activity is increasingly being used in Russian schools, colleges, technical schools and universities.The undoubted advantage of this training model is its applied nature, a huge potential for collective creativity and the development of abilities of each student and the student.

Method of projects as a developing model training school was first announced in the 20s of the last century in the works of the famous American teacher and philosopher John Dewey.In his works, he insisted that the training should be an active process in which the main burden falls on the shoulders of students.Participating in the development of a project, they will learn all they need knowledge base.

In Russia, project activity was the subject of intense debate in the early twentieth century, when the famous teacher S. Shatsky was organized by a group of experts to verify the practical usefulness of this form of education.

To date, the project activity - is one of the most popular models of organization of the educational process.It is an individual or collective activity of students performed independently or under the direct supervision of teachers, aimed at the creative development of a material.

Organization of project activities depends largely on the skill of the teacher and requires very careful preparation and in-depth analysis of the results.Usually, this activity includes several major steps.

Firstly, the project activity always begins with the formulation of the problem.Typically, a teacher with a student first define certain problem area and then concentrate on a particular object of study.Also at this stage, the main methods of research and the necessary tools.

Secondly, the main goal of the project is formulated and challenges arising from it.At this stage it is advisable to conduct a mini-study to show how this problem is urgent, as well as help identify narrower area of ​​research, where the student will be able to display their most creative talents.

Third, if the project is to create a technical model or stand, you need to attend to advance the search for the right supplies and tools.In addition, it should be possible to calculate all costs in order to understand how actual implementation of this project.

Fourth, the actual project activity should be accompanied by constant monitoring and corrective actions.To do this in advance to be certain to identify the control points on the basis of that and conduct the interim analysis.

All work usually ends with the public defense of the project, after which the student and the teacher should carefully analyze the results, paying attention not only to the dignity, but also shortcomings.

Thus, the project activity is the best option for the organization of activities of students and the realization of their basic abilities and talents.