Life insurance in the mortgage or not necessarily?

In our time of great political and economic turmoil everyone is trying to protect themselves and their money.No exception and banking institutions.This is particularly true of long-term loans and associated risks.One way to save the investment bank is insurance.For long-term loans, particularly housing, a typical way to deal with the risks as life insurance with the mortgage.

argumentation insurance contracts

wide of the need for this product at the stage of conclusion of the contract on the mortgage is not, but any bank sharply negative attitude to such conclusions, so the chances of getting a positive result at the client without insurance tend to zero.This position is due not to the bank's attempt to squeeze out the maximum amount of customer funds, as an attempt to protect the investment.Since the high mortality and negative social processes multiply the risks of non-performing loans.

why life insurance contract, even behind the scenes, but is a prerequisite for obtaining a positive result in relation to the mortgage.The form and content of the contract can vary dramatically depending on the selected or recommended by an insurance campaign.

necessity of life insurance customers of banking institutions

As a rule, life insurance contract is not a bank, and with the companies directed to work with the risk of non-return of borrowed funds.Therefore, banks often enter into contracts on mutually advantageous conditions and direct their clients to specific companies.The need for such relations due to the following:

- in the event of an insured event involving health funds for the client making the insurer;

- in case of death of the borrower is not necessary to wait until the relatives come to the right of ownership;

- the loss of the client's solvency is possible six-month delay.

Therefore, when the mortgage life insurance is one of the essential conditions for the conclusion of the credit agreement.

Covering risks transience borrowing by Russian banks

Many banks in Russia, given the extremely unstable economic situation, made in its constitution a number of provisions governing the procedure and conditions for issuing long-term loans.Request for Social Research "Mortgage conditions banks" showed that most of the modern banks have constant to obtain a positive result.

In connection with this provision, banks are forced to create their own insurance structural units or enter into contracts with the already-established insurance companies.Naturally, after suffering these costs, banks have raised interest rates on long-term loans to their customers.

Mortgage insurance

Sberbank Sberbank - the most prominent institution in the Russian financial services market.Accordingly, the organization has to offer the most favorable conditions for obtaining a mortgage.Life insurance in the mortgage is a positive factor for a positive solution of the client's.

When long-term credit relationship is always the risk of unaccounted or force majeure.It was therefore forced necessity in creating a tool such as the "Savings Bank: mortgages, life insurance."This tool has a positive effect on the number of satisfactory applications people in the country who want to arrange a mortgage.In case of refusal Savings Bank reserves the right to revise and to raise the interest rate of the loan.Considering the minimum amount of credit, the percentage is significantly affects the final price of the loan.

Actual conditions of long-term lending Sberbank

Given the fluctuations in the currency market, the Savings Bank sets base rates on loans for a long time.For example, at the moment the actual rate of 14.5%, it is valid until 02.28.2015.In case of failure to use the services of the client tools "Savings Bank: mortgages, life insurance" for him rate rises to 15.5%.

But despite all the nuances, the number of executed contracts Sberbank occupies a dominant position in the market of long-term loans.Many customers mistakenly believe that if you take out a mortgage (Sberbank), life insurance is mandatory.These statements are not true, as the Savings Bank does not violate federal laws, which specifically expressed the right to "an optional life insurance in obtaining long-term loans."

Insurance mortgage VTB

One of the most attractive on the market long-term bank loans is the VTB.

to minimize or eliminate potential risks in this institution introduced some kinds of insurance liabilities, depending on the duration, type and amount of loan.The potential client to choose the type of loan and appeal to employees of the institution to consult the following documents "Mortgages: Bank conditions" in order to experience the difference and choose the optimal form of treatment.This document provides an opportunity to see all the benefits of mortgage VTB, and introduces potential customer with a system of "VTB Insurance".

Features of mortgage VTB VTB

specialists have developed a system of insurance of long-term loans, which includes the following products:

- the impossibility of compulsory contributions due to malfunction of the borrower;

- the impossibility of compulsory contributions due to the death of the borrower;

- the impossibility of compulsory contributions due to damage or loss of the collateral;

- the impossibility of compulsory contributions due to the limitation or termination of ownership of collateral (for three years).

without concluding an agreement with VTB "Mortgage: life insurance," the purpose of the loan the borrower becomes virtually unattainable.In order to make this product the most profitable, VTB offers comprehensive insurance, which includes the following risks:

- fire;

- natural disasters;

- effects of lightning;

- the consequences of the explosion of domestic gas;

- effects of water damage;

- the consequences of the fall of flying objects;

- the consequences of unlawful acts.

In providing evidence of any of these conditions, the program provides for compensation for damages in full actual size.If the payment exceeds the amount of outstanding liabilities, the difference is paid to the borrower.

cost of life insurance in the mortgage

cost of life insurance in the mortgage depends on many factors, but usually no more than one and a half per cent of the final value of the loan.The formation of the cost of influence:

- floor (because women live longer than men, the interest rate for them is less than for men);

- age category (the boundary between the ages of twenty to seventy years for the military - 45);

- the health status of the borrower (hereditary and chronic diseases can become an insurmountable barrier to obtaining a mortgage);

- the risk of work-related injuries, depending on the type of activity;

- interests (hobbies dangerous sports have a negative impact on the interest rate).

In modern realities of life in the mortgage insurance becomes one of the most important factors in the relationship between banking institutions, insurance companies and customers wishing to obtain long-term loans for individual and mutual benefit.Therefore, if the mortgage is issued, life insurance is mandatory.After all, it is beneficial not only to banks but also borrowers.