Manifesto (former) workaholic

I started working at 17 years old.Parents repeatedly uttered at the wrong time, which, they say, "you will make money - then you will choose where to put the wardrobe."I realized that one does not earn - does not solve the problems.I received in the evening and went to work.

All the work I loved.The second course was a fitness club in the "Scarlet Sails", where I was at the reception in the company of happy girls.VIP customers were inflated handsome instructors and a free gym.The working day began at seven in the morning, six had to leave the house up - at five-thirty.The next day began at 15 finishes - in the 23. Sometimes it does not converge Service, and the end of the day was postponed.Then I learned to fall asleep "for five minutes" - sitting in the university cafeteria or standing in the subway.I was very happy with everything until it rattled in the hospital with an inflammation of the optic nerve, and injections into the eye.Maybe it is, of course, has nothing to do ..

Then there was a lot of work.Best - the company Lego.The Lego were interesting problems communicating in English and magic staff.On weekends, no one worked - except the director general (Dane, who came under the contract without his family and lived in a rented apartment) and me.I can not imagine what kind of work on the weekend, I managed to find a position on the team assistant.

In Ksana, having been engaged in advertising in general and sales in particular - remember, there was a long period when I came to work before anyone else (as in 8 hours) and went after all (in 22 hours).And I think - what I'm cool, ebtysh.However, the periodic case of hysteria - poor boyfriend tried to explain that "your health is more important project."Work on weekends then become the norm.

followed a year and a half intermission, when I pretend to be a perfect wife and was forced to leave the office early to fry a turkey.It was joyful again vgryztsya projects last spring.

All was well until December, and in December I Jam.So, I do not just start to hate the work and all those associated with it, thinking of dismissal - but at some point, just forgot to write a very important document.Head went to the meeting without a document, and I decided that I need to change something.

Then took a remarkable conversation on Skype with a friend, began remark: "Look, what do I do? I do not want to get up in the morning and go to work. I want to lie under a blanket, drinking tea, and to a wonderful man lying beside, and I wouldHe poked his head in his chest. And I have to go to the office and pretend that I have a huge dick. Or two. "

"be ill for one day. Blizzard same," - said a friend and absolutely blew my mind.How is it - be ill ?!Yet once without me broke ...

was followed by a lot of micro-openings, with the result that I finally realized two things:

first.My whole damn workaholism, work at weekends, work at night, inability to disconnect from work and non-stop thinking about it - is based solely on fear."The Queen cut off my ears!".If I do not herachit as abnormal - make sure all proebu and great uncle to come and punish me!

I'd rather be 12 hours a day to run for office and shouting "Pizdec!"- Demonstrating that the situation is under control.

second.If I want to be happy.If I want to wake up in the morning with a smile and ease - but not with the feeling that once again you need to move the shoulder granite slab.If I want to love my friends and communicate with them (it was amusing to cancel the meeting on Friday night because of the need to stay in the office - and then suddenly realize that doing so constantly).If I want to visit grandparents, reading books, watching movies, traveling.If I want to spend time with the beloved and ever to give birth and raise children.And most importantly, if I want to do my job QUALITY - to come up with fresh ideas to write selling documents to carry out successful negotiations - I urgently need to cease to live like this.

stopped running headlong unknown destination, unknown to compare yourself with anyone, knows what to be afraid of squander and lose unknown whose sympathy.Stop thinking that I am obliged to all of Doha.Stop wasting tons of energy to all this nonsense.

Ask yourself the question, "but what I actually want from life? It is I, like one ..))."And route traffic according to the responses received.

In this connection, introduce myself to two simple rules:

1. Do not work more than 10 hours a day (that is how much time I optimum),

2. Do not work on weekends.

more - not to work with temperature.However, in compliance with the rules of the first two, the third will likely not be needed.If you do not get tired, you do not need to match.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rules.And if you call me on Friday beloved leader and say that on the weekend there is a very urgent problem - I did not answer him, "Are you crazy ??? Zyr point two!".

But those who worked on Saturday, attend to let dei offom week :)


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