How to do a manicure at home

Every woman, whether she wants it or not, it is still trying to follow the novelties, fashion and other women's trinkets.After all, if it is like myself, then others will mad about her.

aims to be the ideal and perfect - this is quite a normal process in women's psychology.So do not deny such facts as admiring him, the presence of a heap of things, cosmetics and other trinkets.

image of every woman is different from the last detail - from the top of the head and ending with the toes on his feet.But particularly important place manicure.Gesturing, a woman can tell a lot - she likes the person or not, a good story or vice versa.Therefore, if the hand is OK, then the interest rises to a female person.

In our time, after all, not every woman can allow yourself to hike in the beauty salon for a given procedure, and most of them as a result of carried out of the house.Is no exception and manicures.How to do a manicure at home?If you choose the right all the tools to carve out enough time, then this procedure does not seem too heavy.Carry her home is quite realistic and feasible, and the question of how to make the right manicure, will disappear by itself.

So, how to do a manicure at home and what is needed?

Of the tools you need:

  1. capacity, which will steam out, cleaned and relax your fingers.
  2. warm water or an infusion of herbs (you can use chamomile, and in the water a few drops of scented oil, such as lavender).
  3. paper towel.
  4. tweezers, scissors, nail file.
  5. orange stick.
  6. lacquer (or any other covering, such as nail growth).

The procedure is carried out in several stages, namely:

  1. Cleaning and removal.At this stage, the fingers must be thoroughly steam to the liquid, which was prepared in advance.Keep your fingers in warm water is best for about 15 minutes.This time is quite enough.When you need to wipe dry each finger separately - this will give the opportunity to prevent the appearance of burrs.Use the orange stick to push the cuticles must be carefully cleaned and the nail plate.Then the fingers can be lowered in warm water for a few minutes.
  2. shaping.For this we need scissors and tweezers.With these tools we give nails a form that interests us.Then we hold washed down all the sharp corners that were a hindrance.It is necessary to ensure that, to claw on each finger was similar to the previous c, otherwise no beautiful manicure in the final result will not be obtained.
  3. applying varnish or other means.Before the application is required to make sure to it that on the nail plate clean of dust and dirt.If there are any, then wipe nails with a dry towel, but not wet.Water is a poor contact means and claw.A thin layer of varnish is applied, take care not to drive the brush several times in the same place.It only weights myself a manicure.Allow to dry marigolds, it takes about 10 minutes.At the expiration of the time ready to manicure.

How to do a manicure at home when time almost anything is missing, but I want to be beautiful and attractive?There is another kind of nail polish, which is held every woman at home, not even thinking about it.Remember how often, when you broke the nail, you pulls nail file, so a little gash site?This is edging manicure.Time it takes a lot less, and does not require special training.How do edging manicure?It is only necessary to have on hand a nail file.

We hope that these tips will help you to answer for themselves the question of how to do a manicure at home.Be beautiful!