What is the genre paintings depicting nature?

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Do all readers know the name of the genre paintings depicting nature?Of course, this landscape painting, also known as garden art.It works that depict mountains, rivers and the sea, all the elements of the natural landscape.And an important element of the composition may be the weather.

The main areas existing in the landscape genre

Landscapes are different, there are even some of its division - a city, a village, which the viewer sees the image elements in the countryside and nature, where there are no buildings.The word "landscape" in French, and is mainly related to the genre of easel painting.So it happened that the image of nature is rarely used in monumental painting.

different nature can be represented in the landscape: the natural and the man transformed.Not only are rivers, forests, the sea or the mountains.Even drawing with the usual vegetation can also be added to the landscape genre.

The history of the genre

Landscape, the name of the genre paintings depicting nature, manifested in ancient times.For example, in the Pompeian frescoes can be found sufficiently large number of images of the landscape.In the Middle Ages, this genre is very often found in miniatures and icons.But the very first landscape painting in the history of European art is considered to be the canvas, which is called "Saint George".

This picture was painted in one thousand five hundred tenth year, in the beginning of the sixteenth century.It belongs to the brush Albrecht Altdorfer.Soon enough, genre paintings depicting nature, is sufficiently independent.Form its variety and direction - is a lyrical, heroic documentary.

What is the genre paintings depicting nature?Famous artists of this genre

particularly great contribution to the genre an artist like Peter Bruegel.One of his works is called - "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus."Nature is always in all his works played a very significant role.By the seventeenth century, that is, for the next period include paintings rather well-known Dutch artist Jacob van Ruisdael Isaacs.

It is for this period was characterized by writing pure landscapes.There were no houses, buildings or people.Paintings by Jacob Isaacs natural landscapes are exceptionally Holland.They are a bit harsh, gloomy, with large trees, and very often they present a gray leaden sky.

Fabrics eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Especially popular in this period was an Italian painter Giovanni Antonio Canaletto.He was a master of it architectural landscape.And these works contain even a documentary nature.Because of these paintings can be studied not only the architectural styles of the past period, and some household characteristics.

And now the nineteenth century gave a very broad constellation (both in Russia and abroad) outstanding landscape painters.They are out in the country, making sketches in ink, pen, pencil or charcoal, and then continued his work in the studio.These sketches were transferred to canvas and all the colors were selected already in their visual memories.This century was known first attempts to display as accurately as possible the diversity of nature, Polyphony colors and completely different of her condition.His teacher thought the Impressionists very famous English artist John Constable.He was the first who tried to enter the bright colors in the painting.

Russian landscapes or features of the genre in art

The Russian landscape school has also been widely developed.One of the greatest artists of the time was Savrasov, his most famous work - is "The Rooks Have Arrived".But the Russian landscape painting was in a more academic manner.Very popular were paintings on the theme of "Nature" by artist Isaak Levitan.He did the first of the Russian landscape painters began to refer to the kinds of unpretentious nature and this proved that any part of it is beautiful and unique.

And, of course, responding to a question about the name of the genre paintings depicting nature, it is impossible not to touch the special landscape style marina.There was a name from the Latin word "Marinus", which means "sea".That is, first of all paintings of the sea, rivers, waterfalls, but on the condition that they take up most of the web.All these paintings are a special type of landscape painting marina.

most famous painters of seascapes

very famous marine painter in Russia was Ivan Aivazovsky in England no less popular Joseph Mallord William Turner, who also wrote seascapes.One of his famous works - "The last flight of the ship" Valiant "."In his paintings, it is less realistic than Aivazovsky, but quite vividly conveys the feeling of the sea and the setting sun.

Regarding the landscape painting of the twentieth century, there can be mentioned Salvador Dali and his famous painting "Elephants".Despite the fact that this picture also includes elements of the surrealist style of writing, it also refers to the landscape painting.The main objective of this genre - to convey the feelings that gets the author of the work in the contemplation of nature.And each painting must have looked so that the viewer can not only feel the artist's attitude to a fragment of nature, but as if to witness the action that captures the author.