How to draw a pitcher in stages

kindergarten child wants to draw a beautiful jug?School children were asked to draw a vase or jug?Very often, parents have to help their children prepare for classes.And if you are amateur?Using recommendations from the article to do so will not be difficult.

Why paint utensils

If the child goes to study at the art school, is almost the first lesson he will explain how to draw a pitcher.Such tasks have to perform a lot.Most guys get tired of it a lot, because they hoped to begin immediately to make real pictures.It is necessary to properly understand the process of learning.Parents should prepare young artist to routine work and performing the same exercise.Mastering how to draw a jug correctly, like learning the scales in music.Only after numerous training can achieve the desired result.

Even when you are preparing homework for admission to art school, it is better to provide it with a pitcher still life, vase, jug.The composition can be very simple - the subject of dishes and, for example, an apple.

Exercise: how to draw step by step for beginners pitcher

be understood that the guide for beginners to be materially different from advice for those who engaged in painting professionally.The example shows a diagram of how to draw a pitcher beginner.It is suitable for the child's kindergarten, student, or someone who does not know how, but he wants to paint.

easiest way

Here is an example of a vase, but, in fact, there is no difference, because you can draw a pitcher in the same way.You will need to add only the handle and spout.So, perform these steps:

1. Draws oval such proportions that fit your project.This is the basis of the subject.

2. Adds two ellipses, one on top and one underneath.The first element seamlessly connect to the base.

3. shows the wall thickness prorisovyvaya inner oval.In fact, this ring, of course, will not be flat.Usually show a side edging neck.However, the beginner of this option would be sufficient.Retractable auxiliary lines.In the case of being finished with a jug handle, spout, a drawing if needed.Coloring and shading to make the image.

professional approach

In the previous instructions on how to draw a pencil pitcher stages, consider a simple method for beginners.If your child will learn in art school, he would not be allowed to do so.In fact, it is necessary not just to depict the line and build a form object.

usually require draws even invisible contours, giving the impression that the object is transparent.The only way to get a proper construction of any object.The classes, which are taught how to draw a jug, jug, still life, the disciples, as they say, stuffed his hand, then to go on to more complex things, such as architecture, human figure, plaster reliefs.

If action by a professional, the sequence of all life will be the subject of:

1. outlines the boundaries of the image: the bottom, top, left and right - at the points.At any dishes and not only it always has an axis of symmetry.At first planar image construction.Marked off the main dimensions and proportions of the subject.Apply a lot of auxiliary lines.All measurements are made visual by using a pencil.For example, it is determined how many times the width to fit the height of the object, and so on.It turns out about such a scheme.

2. As auxiliary lines are drawn straight contours, after which they are rounded.MARSHALL oval neck, bottom and intermediate parts.Before applying shading or painting a transparent watercolor paint eraser removes unnecessary circuits.Usually advised all originally built to perform fine subtle lines as erasing disrupted the structure of paper, which is bad for the further work, such as watercolors.

Construction perspectives range

In order to learn how to draw a pitcher, vase, jug, bottle, you must pay a lot of time building ovals.Be sure to show the top, bottom contour and designate the places where the pairing of various structural elements of the object.If you decide to approach the process professionally, you should consider not only how to draw a pencil pitcher, but also about building ovals.

If you take any piece of glassware with the axis of symmetry: a cup, bottle, glass vase, it will be seen that the cross section of the object is a circle.Drawing a still life, the artist depicts all objects in perspective.This transmission system volume space on a flat sheet of paper or canvas.Accordingly, all circles are constructed in the form of ellipses.

very important concept in drawing a horizon line.It is at the eye level of the artist.The lower oval located with respect to the plane of view, so it will be wider.According to the laws of perspective objects that are closer to the viewer, are larger than those farther away.The circle is based on the secondary lines of the square, which narrowed the horizon looks like a trapezoid.

When constructing ovals pitcher is worth remembering that the bottom will be wider than the top, if the object is located below the view.When the position of the cross section coincides with the horizon line, the ellipse becomes a straight line.These constructions are quite difficult to master once the beginner, so you can schedule around the fillet.The main thing that did not work at the sharp edges rounded objects.

Application ornament

not know how to draw a jug of patterns?It is not difficult.When the contours of the object will be ready, just need to place the ornament.Remember that it is also a perspective and lies on the curved surface, there follows the direction of the ovals, and the contours of the object.

You learned how to draw on their own pitcher.Choose the degree of complexity of the work that matches your skill level.Simplify objects if you are a beginner.In that case, when you need to master the skills, do everything carefully, gently.Only under the laws of perspective and sequence of construction of objects you can create a realistic image.