"Vanity Fair": analysis and summary.

In this article, we describe published in 1848 the novel William M. Thackeray, will present its summary."Vanity Fair" - a work which takes place in England in the early 19th century.There is a war with Napoleon, that does not prevent, however, a number of people obsessed with ambition to continue the struggle for worldly goods - ranks, titles, condition.Day and night bazaar seethes worldly vanity - Vanity Fair ... It is here that decide the fate of the characters.

Rebecca and Emilia

following events begins summary."Vanity Fair" - a novel that opens a description of how the guesthouse Miss Pinkerton leave the two young girls.Amelia Sedley, Esquire secured daughter, is an example of the virtues of the English and sweetness, somewhat fresh.Her "good", "generous" and "gentle" heart, but she does not possess the mind.Rebecca Sharp - a different matter.It is the daughter of French (dancer) and dissolute artist.Rebecca fragile, small stature, pale.However, the mere sight of her green eyes can blow any man.Becky, who grew up in the "fun" of poverty, a sharp tongue, she sees right through people want at any cost to win a place under the sun, going even to the deception and hypocrisy.There is no other way, because the girl has no title, no state, no loving parents - that teaches the virtues of happy her peers.

Becky staying with Emilia

Emilia tied to sincerely Becky invites her to her house, and she enjoyed the best hospitality.Rebecca is able to please everyone.But the main thing - she tries his charm on Emilia brother, Joseph Sedley.Hypocrisy, flattery - and this "bonvian" "grouch" and "lazy" is already ready for a decisive step ... In case, unfortunately, interferes with the case, as well as groom Emilia, Mr. George Osborne.Hope intriguante a result of this collapse, and Joseph runs.

new page opens in Rebecca's life - it is the Royal Crawley governess.It inherited the estate Pitt Crawley, old man, extremely "dirty" and "vulgar" barrator, skaredy and drunks.The ability to dissemble and pretend ingenuity allow Miss Sharp win the favor of the inhabitants of the estates of the pupils to the Pitt Crawley, the eldest son of a baronet who is "well-bred gentleman."His afraid of everything, even the stubborn father.Becky finds all kinds of ways to be helpful to his father.Not a year as she has become indispensable, virtually mistress of this house.

visit Miss Crawley

continuing events of the novel, the main of which we have included in his summary."Vanity Fair" - volume work, so tell all in detail in an article format is not possible.It describes only the main events.

Annually Royal Crawley visits Sir Pitt's half-sister, an unmarried woman, on account of which there is a fair amount.She knows the French and atheists, loves fun live.This old lady outrageously tyrannized his servant, companion, as well as numerous relatives who hope to get her inheritance.This woman does not transfer any of Sir Pitt nor his eldest son, but loves Rawdon Crawley, Jr. - shalopaya, duelist and gambler, near Guard officer.Miss Crawley also believes that Rebecca witty and charming.

Rebecca marries Rawdon Crawley

woman ill, takes her to his home in London, because of which ends a romance between a governess and Rawdon Crawley.It ends the mystery of marriage, because, despite the passion of Miss Crawley to equality and freedom, it can be very angry that says William Makepeace Thackeray ("Vanity Fair").After the wife dies Sir Pitt, all open.Sir Pitt is not very saddened by her death, she tries to return to the Royal Rebecca Crowley.He falls to his knees, offering the girl to marry him.At this moment, for the first time in my life fearlessly Becky loses his presence of mind and crying.What a missed opportunity!Why did she hurried?

difficult time for the newlyweds

all cursing the young couple.William Makepeace Thackeray ("Vanity Fair") tells us that, no matter how trying Rodon, who manages intelligent Rebecca again win the favor of her aunt, he did not succeed.A lover of romantic marriage and advocate of democracy and will not forgive the rest of his nephew misalliance.Needless to say about Sir Pitt.William Makepeace Thackeray describes his condition: the hero of unfulfilled desires and hatred literally lose their minds, falls more and more.Generic nest from abuse and saves only the final devastation of his death.This event continues the work of William Makepeace Thackeray ("Vanity Fair").Summary of the novel, after the death of the hero of the following.

Now the couple to settle for a modest salary of Rawdon, which he received as the captain of the guards.But Becky speaks perfect art that is useful for it again and again - to live happily ever after, it does not have the cash.She hopes to occupy in society a more brilliant place and agreed to wait.And blindly and passionately in love with his wife Rawdon transformed into obedient and happy husband.

Busting father Emilia

overhead Emilia meantime clouds are gathering.Ironically, the reason for it is Napoleon.Escape from the Elbe landing in Cannes his army alter the situation on the stock exchange, which leads to the complete ruin of the girl's father, John Sedley.The most stubborn and intractable of the creditors is a neighbor and friend, John Osborne, whom he helped to break out in people.With the hammer is the property of the saddle.The wretched hired moved the family apartment.But Emilia did not suffer because of this.The trouble is that this simple-minded girl of her fiance loves with all his heart, and not, as required by the unspoken laws that dictate Vanity Fair.Thackeray's book - a novel in which the author thus describes the feelings of this girl.She sincerely believes that George Osborne, foppish, narcissistic and empty, is the most intelligent and handsome man in the world.Unlike Becky, whose actions are always dictated by poverty, selfishness and greed, Emilia lives only love.But George Osborne graciously allows herself to love this girl, while not abandoning bachelor amusements, and his bride emphasis does not spoil.

Emilia marries George Osborne

William Thackeray tells us that after the collapse of his father John Sedley prohibits marry Emily George.Her own father, moreover, also does not want to think about marriage with a "son of a scoundrel."Desperately poor is Emilia.However, it interferes with good friend George, Captain Dobbin, generous and honest man who passionately loves Emily, even to himself not daring to admit it.He persuades George, who is not alien to noble impulses, against the wishes of his father to marry the girl.Of course, he denies his legacy, and refuses to son.

meeting in Brussels

Brussels to meet both disgraced couple because the city comes Regiment Dobbin and George, and here comes Taft, general guard, with his adjutant Rawdon Crawley.With delight regiment takes Emily, but her friend prefers to rotate in the "brilliant" society.Wherever this girl appeared, she was always surrounded by many notable fans.George Osborne gets in their number.Own vanity and coquetry Becky is so far his factory, he hands her a bouquet at the ball with a letter in which he asks the girl to run with it.Of course, that is not going to do anything like that, because he knows the price George.Napoleon's troops on the same day go Sambre.Full unspoken remorse George says goodbye to his wife.A few days later he will die at Waterloo.

Life Rebecca Rawdon in Paris

But Becky and Rawdon Waterloo conducted after three years in Paris.Here, the wife of Rawdon is a huge success.She is admitted to the very highest Parisian society.Not picky French, the British.However, she is not going to stay here forever.The family (at Rawdon and Becky in Paris a son) some time back to London.Here the couple Crowley, as always, is living on credit, without paying anyone and everyone giving promises.Finally, Rawdon aunt dies, leaving almost all the state senior nephew, who is married to a decent and honest woman, Lady Jane, daughter of Lord Southdown.A new baronet, experiencing guilt in front of his brother (after all, the money went to my aunt to him, if he had not married a governess), considers it his duty to unite the family.And here again there is the Royal Rebecca Crowley and enchants all.She falls for it even to portray love for his son, when in fact it does not feed to this boy is not the slightest affection.

Rebecca Lord Steyne

So captivate new baronet subtle flattery Rebecca, that he is almost every day in her house.It happens just as often, and the noble protector of women, the almighty Lord Steyne, the old cynic of the novel, which created Thackeray ("Vanity Fair").With the help of Rebecca is moving forward in high society.In what ways does this girl, no one knows but the Lord gives her diamonds, as well as providing their cellars at its disposal.Finally there is an event that puts Rebecca on a par with other respectable ladies.Woman present to the court.This important event continues its novel Thackeray ("Vanity Fair").Summary only briefly mentions that Rebecca is included in the highest circles of London and make sure that these people from others is no different.Becky gets bored of them.But her husband feels every day more and more alone in all these aristocratic collections.It is linked more to his son.

Rawdon left England

Holocaust ending procession of Rebecca at Vanity Fair.Rodon accuses her of treason and attempting to cause Lord Steyne to a duel.In the end he decides to leave England to take procured for him by his enemies as governor of the island of Coventry.Rebecca disappears, and her son Rawdon remains in the care of his uncle, and his wife, replaced his mother.

Emilia has a son

death of her husband nearly cost the life of Emily, what tells us the writer Thackeray ("Vanity Fair").Summary of further events in the life of this girl following.Saved by the birth of her only son, who idolizes Emilia as well as first husband.It is a long time living with his parents, bravely endured deprivation and poverty, joy is a little George.However, John Osborne, struck by how similar to his grandson, the son of the late, mother offers to give the boy to bring him up as a gentleman.For his sake Emily breaks up with his son.She finds solace after the death of his mother to brighten up the last days of his father.

Return of Major Dobbin

When Rebecca suffers stroke of fate, fortune turned to Emilia.Major Dobbin returned from India with Joseph, her brother.Dobbin swears now that native women will not know the needs.He wants to marry the girl.But hopefully it is still not what.Emilia does not see a dedicated, selfless love this man, his outstanding merits.It is true to the memory of her husband by providing a hardness of virtue Dobbin a "watch and languish."Soon John Sedley dies, and then John Osborne, that leaves George half his fortune, and restores to the guardianship rights of widows "beloved son".Emily finds out that it is obliged to Dobbin, and the fact that he was the anonymous benefactor who need support during it.However, it remains only a gratitude she could pay for his dedication.

new meeting Amelia and Becky

In a small duchy on the banks of the Rhine, again there is a meeting Amelia and Becky.Emilia does with his brother, son and Dobbin trip abroad and Rebecca flutters a long time in Europe, in a card game, and the adventures of questionable promatyvaya its content, which was assigned to her husband.From it all shy in polite society, both from the plague.But she sees Joseph Sedley and soul girl revives hope.Slandered sufferer who has picked a favorite child, and the good name, without difficulty, as in the old days, running his finger around this fat dandy, and Emily, who learned nothing and no smarter.Dobbin, always had an aversion to Rebecca, because she quarrels with Emily and blames her for the first time in my life that she does not appreciate his affection.He decides to part forever with Emily.But Becky, the girl filled with "contemptuous pity," and to Dobbin - admiration, makes my first selfless act.Rebecca shows her friend a letter of George, which proves his infidelity.Defeated an idol.Emilia is now free and can therefore respond to the sense of devotional Dobbin.

final event

Here we are approaching the end product of "Vanity Fair".Summary of the book are the following concluding event.Dobbin Emilie lead in their own house quiet life.They are friends with the inhabitants of Queen's Crawley.Until the end of days, Joseph ekes out a miserable life of a slave Rebecca.He died at the "mysterious circumstances."Yellow fever killed and Rawdon Crawley Senior.After his uncle's death, his son inherits the estate and title.He wants to see his mother, but that assigns a generous content, although it is sufficiently ensured without it.Rebecca a lot of friends, who believe that it is unfair to hurt.It is engaged in charity work hard, living on a grand scale.

Thus ends the summary."Vanity Fair" - a novel, which enjoys great popularity today.And it is no coincidence.Problems that are affected by it, are relevant today.

analysis works

"Vanity Fair" is the pinnacle of creativity Thackeray.In the novel, realistic generalizations, social critic and satirical skills reach their maximum strength.Thackeray failed to grasp the connection between the people of society, contemporary.It is based on the power of money, "chistogane heartless."In a work society appears as a huge fair where everything can be bought and sold.Representing truly repulsive face of the bourgeoisie, the author had no illusions about the possibility of its transformation into a sympathetic and kind person.He only wanted to reveal the illusions and without embellishment the stark truth.

Full title of the novel is: "Vanity Fair. Novel Without a Hero".It was borrowed from the works of John Bunyan's "Pilgrim."Thackeray called Vanity Fair bourgeois-aristocratic society of his time in England.

landlords and bourgeois businessmen, diplomats and members of parliament, government officials and noble lords are the readers of a long line.They live by the laws of Vanity Fair.In the novel, Thackeray is a peculiar form of presentation.The writer compares his characters with puppets and himself - with leading them in motion puppeteer.Thackeray ("Vanity Fair") gives them an assessment, expressed their opinions in a number of derogations.

"Novel Without a Hero" means that the writer is not found in the environment and Crowley Osbournes goodie.However, he does not oppose a simple man of the people selfish bourgeois, such as Dickens.In the novel "Vanity Fair" folk heroes of the environment are not available.Captain Dobbin is a carrier of a positive start.This can be seen by reading the original work of "Vanity Fair".Summary of chapters just scratched the surface reveals the inner world of characters.Dobbin - the only one who retains sympathy and kindness, humility and selflessness.

"Vanity Fair" - a book that is always relevant, as long as there will not be eradicated from human selfishness, which are hidden roots of many of the ills of mankind.