Stateless person - a man without a homeland

hard to live without having their own state.A sense of belonging - one of the basic human needs.Citizenship - concept rather virtual, but it suggests a strong relationship of the individual with the government gives him the ground, protecting vital interests, not to mention the privileges and rights.

Who are they?

stateless person - a Greek word which can be translated roughly as "without a homeland" or "deprived of the motherland".In this category, consider the people who can not prove their affiliation to citizenship of any State.In fact, people of this social class far more than it might seem, we are talking about dozens, if not hundreds of thousands, as "a stateless person" - a concept global.

Origin stateless

To gain this status can be, for example, having been born in the marriage of two of Stateless Persons, - luck is probably uncommon, but, judging by the presence of the item, the rules still occurs.However, in addition, it is required to be born in a country that does not recognize the right of the soil.In one of the countries with more lenient laws of the child simply becomes a citizen by birth on its territory.Also, the legal status of stateless persons collectively receive all the citizens of the state at the termination of its existence.Of course, this version of the occurrence of such persons is not too realistic because vanished on the spot immediately formed new powers.But cases where the decay of the state became stateless people who were unable to establish a legal relationship with any of its fragments, known stories, such happened in the recent past.Also, a person may be deprived of citizenship, in this case the reasons may be political, relate to safety or even be ethical, surprisingly it sounds.You can renounce the citizenship of their own, but do not give the honorable duty of the State to do so will not allow, as a stateless person - a person who is not required to serve in the armed forces, and it would be a temptation for too many.

What they have?

Stateless enjoy national treatment.This means that they are similar in all citizens, except for some restrictions.Rights of stateless persons are not equal citizens' rights in relation to the elections, they can not vote or be elected.But the most important right is the right of a stateless person ceases to be such, because the state, at least in words, throughout the course leads to the reduction of the number of persons in this category, as called for by the UN and the decisions.However, the question of how rich countries are willing to give their nationality to stateless persons, immigrants from poor countries remains open.The individual in this category can become president, but he did not tell the Russian state secret and will not be allowed behind the wheel of the aircraft, and not to take part.However, these restrictions he shares with a foreigner, it is distinguished from the latter that a stateless person does not intercede for the country of his nationality.Stateless person - a person who can not count on a call to the embassy.