Do I need a passport to Abkhazia for Russians and other citizens?

As you know, for citizens of the CIS countries a visa to travel to sunny Abkhazia is not required.However, many people are interested in another question: Do I need a passport to Abkhazia?For citizens of the Russian enough to have a regular passport, and for citizens of Tajikistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries to enter into Abkhazia is allowed only in the presence of a foreign passport.

How to enter Abkhazia with children?

large influx of tourists in the country is not observed, but the country is quite famous for its favorable climatic conditions.Home bet that made Abkhazia - rest.Do I need a passport to this country for the adults, we have already indicated.But if you are planning to go on holiday with your baby, you need to prepare more such documents:

  • Child's birth certificate (for children from 14 to 18 years, following the country without parents or other adults), which indicates itscitizenship.If the child is traveling with both parents, a birth certificate is not required, instead of the mother and father may present internal or foreign passport.
  • After reaching 14 years of age the child must take a civil or passport.If he rides himself, it would require a power of attorney notary for leaving the child.If one parent is not available, you need to Abkhazia passport for the child?In this situation, a passport is not required, but a parent who travels with a child, you must provide supporting documents: a certificate of death, a book of single mothers, the decision of the court to deprive the rights of a child or a certificate from the police that the other parent is missing.

Entry of foreign citizens in Abkhazia

Tourists from other countries (not including Russia and the CIS countries) should be aware that Abkhazia - a self-proclaimed republic, its independence from Georgia has not been recognized by the international community.Due to this fact, Abkhazia has no consulates or embassies abroad.But is it possible for foreigners to enter the country, and whether the need to Abkhazia passport for them?You can enter into a state, it would require a permit or entry visa from the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For this fax or e-mail Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country have to send the following documents:

  • a copy of passport with personal data and signature of the applicant (passport must be valid for 6 months prior to the expected departure from Abkhazia);
  • scanned photo;
  • completed questionnaire in Russian.

consideration of the application takes about 5-7 days.If the answer is positive, the applicant will receive a corresponding letter on e-mail.So you need to Abkhazia or passport is sufficient to produce a solution?Foreigners on the border must present a passport and permission to enter.

What is important to remember?

For foreign citizens (not including citizens of CIS) that travel through Russia to Abkhazia, need transit, double or multiple visa.Leaving Abkhazia, one should have the right of entry to the Russian Federation.

If necessary, the visa can be extended are already in Abkhazia.To do this, you need to contact the Consular Service, which are filled with relevant documents and paid a certain fee.

As we have seen, for the citizens of CIS countries and other countries in Abkhazia need a passport.2013-2014 years were no exception, and as long as such order remains in effect.