White magic Wicca

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Witches and wizards, not only did not disappear in the modern world, they even united in religion or a particular order, is called "Wicca".

Wicca (Eng. Wicca) - a new magic religion based on the worship of nature.It became popular only in 1954 thanks to its founder Gerald Gardner.

about in 1939, they passed Christchurch, Gardner found the Society of the Rosicrucian Order Crotona, where he took part in a theatrical performance.It was in this theater, allegedly Gardner, he met members of the Order of witchcraft (coven) "New Forest", who dedicated it to the surviving tradition of English magic, which secretly existed for centuries.

Gardner wrote in his books that the roots of this magical thing of the pre-Christian European paganism.Gardner true statements can not be clearly established, so it is believed that Wiccan theology arose no earlier than 1920.

Since there were various Wiccan tradition.Each Wiccan traditions have their own beliefs, rituals and practices.Many Wiccan traditions are still kept secret and require dedication to his followers.There is also an eclectic Wiccan movement is not considered to be traditional on the need to practice Wicca.

Gods of Wicca - is the ancient gods of the British Isles: The Horned God and the Great Mother Goddess.Gardner also claims that being superior over these major gods deemed witch, as the primary creator of which remains unknown.

Wiccans use in their magic rituals of a specific set of tools, consisting of broom (pomelo), boiler, cups, magic wand, altar cover, candles, crystals, incense, and the pentacle.Frequently used items, symbolizing the Goddess and God.Each tool has its own purpose.

Wiccan magic is very simple, there is no complex symbols and rituals.It uses the power of four elements, plants, stones and so on. D., And in Wicca is not black magic - Wiccans prohibited harm.

We often publish rituals, spells and recipes related to this modern magic school.

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