The value of the name Barbara child: various aspects

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value named Varvara child can learn, if we dig deep into the very roots of its origin.So, translated from Latin, it means "fierce."The name is associated with the barbarians, and therefore takes on the character of the girl masculine qualities, but without detracting from femininity.

second version of the origin of the naming refers to the Greek word "foreign", "stranger."What is the meaning of the name Barbara for a child, this article will tell.The character of the girl, named the same name, will be considered in various aspects of life.

value named Varvara child: childhood

Little girl Varya no different talkativeness and friendliness.It is more "father's daughter," as his father takes over not only the features but also behavioral characteristics.Girl clever, purposeful, and not a child is serious.Interests Barbara directed inward.It is a modest, hard-working and obedient child.However, when it feels that its interests are violated, a girl can "turn on" their "barbaric" features and to repulse offenders.For her, the main thing in life - it justice.

value named Varvara child: during adolescence

Adult Cooking is not much different from himself as a child.It remains the same decisiveness, firmness, power and taciturnity, but to these qualities are added, and the purely feminine traits.Barbara is truly a beauty, as the well-known proverb.She is able to adequately keep themselves in society and behaves like a real queen.Varya is able to attract the attention of the opposite sex, but long stays alone.

It is difficult to find friends, but if you are close to her people, it is forever.Barbara does not keep away all to itself: a candidate must earn the trust of the comrades of this extraordinary woman.

value named Varvara for Girls: relationship

As mentioned above, the girl knows her worth, so a selective approach to the choice of a young man.Though Barbara looks cool and is not available in her raging hurricane of emotions.When the intensity of emotion is too strong, it can not survive and start doing stupid things.Selfless, sincere and passionate, looking for true love Varya.She is a very homely girl, so will be a perfect wife.

Varvara Female name: value and calling

Varya always fully given to their work and work.It deals only with the fact that it's really interesting in its own sphere, it becomes a true professional.Typically, the life she connects with the work.Here, the talented and versatile Barbara there is room for imagination and freedom from the conventional framework.The main thing for Vari - able to overcome his laziness, slowness, isolation and detachment.It should be softer and more open to close, otherwise it will not be able to find happiness in life, will not be able to find his love does not acquire friends.

Barbara - memorable, bright, solid, strong name, the same as its owner.