A bat flew into the apartment.

If you find that the house was got a mouse, then about any omens do not even recall.The first and only desire - is to catch and throw the rodent away from their homes.If the house bat flew at once into my head bad thoughts, because those overnight guests are not associated with anything pleasant.We offer to find out what are the signs for the occasion.What events will occur in the future?

Magic horror

Bats always considered my friends and assistants witches, wizards.From the blood of these animals and the feet brewed potions, mice were participating witchcraft rituals and any divination.And what unpleasant sound they make!They squeak terrifies ... Perhaps that is why, when a bat flew into the apartment, signs immediately to mind.And often it creeps into his head scary thought: what if something happened?The people there will take a few associated with these overnight guests.They say that their visit - not a chance.If proved to be a bat in an apartment, signs say that we should prepare ourselves for the grief and feelings.Most likely, one of the closest people seriously ill.If the mouse flew to your house and fell down dead, in the future in this room would lie dead.According to other sources - such guest predicts that starts streak of bad luck and trouble.It is important to banish the mouse so that it is out of the room itself.For failure and misfortune to injure or kill a bat.

The money

If you bat flew into the apartment, there are signs and pleasant.For example, it is about money and big profit.But the wealth will pour into your hands, provided that the mouse has flown in the summer season and in rainy weather.It is important that she flew out of the guest house.If she is hiding somewhere in the furniture, it will be difficult to lure the animal.If she huddled in a corner or in your field of vision, you can throw at it, and dark matter, catch, release into the wild.In case of injury or murder of a mouse, you can not even dream of that wealth is in your hands ...

For wedding

rumored among the people - to prepare for the wedding, when a bat flew into the apartment.Signs of these often come true.It should be clearly defined as was the mouse in the house.If it flew through the window into the room unmarried girls - have the wedding, and her marriage is happy.But there is one condition: she has to catch his own guests and set free.If the mouse entered the house through the door - will soon meet or send matchmakers.

Evil Spirit in the house

old ladies who are familiar with the world of magic, they say, if a person's home burst into a bat, a sign can be only one: in a home or settled evil, or someone suggests damage to the family and genus.People say that bats feel negative energy.They are drawn like a magnet to where someone is seriously povorozhil.Think about what to do when a bat flew into the apartment.Signs are forced to feel anxiety.

logical conclusion

On the other hand, let's think logically, forgetting for a moment about what the signs tell.Bats are frequent guests in the city and in the countryside.As soon as the night throwing his cloak studded with stars, fly these winged beauties on the hunt to eat but to stretch its wings.In-flight overnight guests could fly in through the open window, or stretched out open window.Yes, fly the mouse in a person's home is rare, but not immediately recall the signs and think about the bad.