How to avoid sleepless nights with babies?

need a good sleep each person, the more he needed every kid.During sleep, the pipsqueak rests, he regains his strength.Sleep affects the development and health of the child.For example, if the baby does not sleep, he becomes moody, irritable, suffering his nervous system.It is therefore important to take measures if no pipsqueak fills up.

Watches twelve beat

Baby Time passed, and your kid does not think to sleep?Thus it exhausts itself and tired mom?Here are some simple and effective tricks that will help to lay the baby on time.

1. Sleep on schedule. must select for "perpetual motion and prygatelya" certain bedtime.It will be difficult, but stick with it selected hours needed at least a month.Then the baby will get tired just to the hour X, and you without the hassle put him to bed.Choose early time, because the longer the child is awake, the more he becomes excitable.It was also found that the later the baby goes to sleep, the more often he wakes up at night.

2. Rituals.

necessary to form a clear ritual bedtime.It is a few steps that are repeated every day before going to bed.For example, bathing, dressing with a song, massage, rocking.So the child will subconsciously know that it's time to calm down and get ready for bed.

3. The atmosphere in the room. Bedtime sure to ventilate the nursery.Fresh and moist air is needed for strong and healthy sleeping child.Note also that a hungry baby is not sleeping, and overeating threatens you a sleepless night.Therefore, it is preferable that the food was also on schedule.

Sleep, my joy ...

Finally, it turns put crumbs, mother sighs with relief.But on a good night can only dream of.Crying every half hour.As a result, a tired mother spared the child and sometimes do not even know what the reason.

And the reasons may be different:

1. I have something missing. babies are so small that they can not tell my mom about their needs.They often cry because of the unfulfilled needs.For example, tummy ache, I want to eat, uncomfortable pajamas, hot or, conversely, froze.

2. I want to mother. Babies always need a mother, especially - the smallest.And the night is no exception.Perhaps pipsqueak something scared or just wants his mother's warmth.Therefore, calls her might.

3. I slept. Sometimes it happens that the baby after waking can not sleep.He was not crying, and talking in their own language.He did not want to sleep, it feels hearty, fully rested and sleep.He also did not explain that he had slept little.That has to mother him awake.

When will it end?

established that the newborn - the reason for the lack of sleep of his parents.In the first year of his life parents lose 400-750 hours of sleep.But this much joy, happiness and positive emotions they get every day!

It will take time to grow baby will sleep like "elephant".But the happiness of the first touching embrace crumbs never happen again.Appreciate every moment of your life together!

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