Only two weeks after the wedding, the husband found out he was married to a young man

37-year-old Indian girl took a wife.Actually, it turned out that the bride was a young man.And I figure this piquant fact only two weeks after the wedding ceremony.

How is this possible?- You ask.

Details of what happened - below ...

Balak Ram from a small Indian village at the age of 37 was still a bachelor.In his native village he made fun of him for ever, because he copied the style of singing and popular in the last actor Jitendra (Ravi Kapoor).

Balak believed that at least some of their problems it can solve, by marrying.But since he was considered a district is not quite normal to find a bride was the whole problem.

for help in finding the bride's family appealed to the head of Rama district dance group Hakkamu Singh.

Balak Singh agreed to find a bride for a fee of 50,000 rupees (a little over $ 800).

After some time, he said that he had found a wonderful girl in the town of Mathura.

Balak with his relatives went for 160 kilometers to meet with the bride.They are presented in a traditional sari wearing a veil and a woman named Rajkumari, which was to enter into their family.

After 48 got married after they met.From the Balaka were his relatives, the bride was attended by her parents and Hakka Singh.

Bride, as it should in such cases, was crying because he was leaving the parental home, A Hakka Singh enthusiastically recounted paid him a fee.

After the marriage ceremony took place a week already, and Balak still have not seen the face of his wife, and did not hear her voice, as she did not speak.

gestures, she said that this is part of a vow which she vowed to comply with before marriage.Relatives Balaka believed that with time everything will be okay.

Another week passed, and then one night, looked into the window of the house Balaka neighbor saw as a young man puts on a sari.And of course, realized that the newly formed Balaka wife - not a woman!

29-year-old Rajkumar actually turned out to be 15-year-old Rajkumar.

investigation revealed that the Hakka family of Ram Singh deceived.Rajkumar was a member of his dance group has agreed to play the role of a bride for a fee of 10,000 rupees.

the time of exposing the false Rajkumar Hakkama already gone.By the way, he advised the young man to escape at the first opportunity, but the fact itself is simply not imagined.

Because Rajkumar is a minor and can not be held accountable for "performance".

way, Balak and Rajkumar friends.The neighbors joke on them, and the young man, who had replaced the women's clothes on the pants and shirt, and sometimes still are not averse to vilify sari.And Balak happy posing with his former "bride."