Determinism - is the logical dependence of psychic phenomena

determinism - a necessary and regular dependence of psychic phenomena on the factors that give rise to them.There are several forms of determinism: the system, feedback, statistical, and other target totality of the circumstances that preceded the time the investigation.

Development of forms of determinism associated with the development of scientific knowledge about the psyche.For a long time it was based on the mechanical determinants, which represented psychic phenomena caused by the operation of technical devices.This view is somewhat limited, but in spite of this fact, that it gave rise to such psychological teachings, as the study of affect, reflexes, associations and so on.


biological determinism - a particular behavior of living systems.This form appeared in the mid XIX century.and adopted the opinion on the psyche as a necessary function for the survival of all living beings.Mechanical determinism represented psyche as a side effect.The biological form of thought that it is a ne

cessary component of life.

psychological determinism

Subsequently, when this component has received an independent causal significance arose determinism in psychology.The introduction of the ideas of science determinism in psychology led to its isolation in a separate area of ​​knowledge, studied the processes subject to its own laws.

Thanks to the philosophy of Marxism developed a new form of determinism, according to which human activity is based on their lifestyles.This contributed to the emergence of the methodological preconditions for the implementation of the principle of determinism at the level of psycho-social organization of human activities.

concept of determinism

All events take place, for any reason.For example, selection of toys for boys is likely associated with a high content in their blood of the male hormone.However, this is not the only reason for this behavior.This definition is called a psychological determinism.This implies that the psychological factor is due to any reasons or prior circumstances.But in many situations it is difficult to determine what caused this or that phenomenon.Although what happens first one incident, and then another, does not mean that the second incident occurred as a result of the first.That is, "then" is not synonymous with "therefore."

All human deeds and thoughts are the cause.Identifying the causes of our actions and thinking involved in an experimental psychologist.In most cases, this is a very difficult task, but, nevertheless, it only encourages them to seek, as Galileo once captured the assumption that the gravitational force is the cause of equal speed in the fall to the ground balls of different weights.These findings are based on the postulate that determinism - a discovery of the reasons that lie behind every thought and action of man.