Signs of Water.

What's the best way to know a person deeply understand all the highlights of his character and the strange and sometimes incomprehensible behavior?Of course, this sky map that reflects the entire personality.But we should remember that all people are unique and suitable for them can not every description, but the main features you can easily find yourself and your friends.

What are the elements of the zodiac signs?

Before considering the signs of the zodiac, you should pay attention to the four elements to which they correspond.Elements, in particular, indicate to what type of temperament and behavior belongs to a particular zodiac sign.They also give a clear idea of ​​compatibility characters of different people.To understand the mysterious depths of the constellations and the elements will help the general characteristics of zodiac signs.

Delving into the elements, it should be noted that initially, there are two start.Consisting of Yan - an active masculine.Yin refers to the passive female.Attention is drawn to the fact that a man can be built a few spiritual principles, that is, it is active inside and outside the passive, and vice versa.Perhaps the intersection of the same type started as the internal and external appearance of a person.Variations are only four, this is the element of the zodiacal signs.

To understand the essential differences and traits of each element should be to elaborate on the details, which are endowed with signs of water, earth, fire and air.

Representatives of the elements of fire

They include people born under the sign of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.The special features of persons belonging to the fire element, such factors include:

  • high intelligence, revealing craving for knowledge and constant self-improvement.
  • sharp temper.Most often referred to as representatives of fire choleric and sanguine.
  • fast speech and an analytical mind.
  • Often one can observe an increased impatience, as a result - taking quick decisions, committing rash acts.

to the fire element are self-confident, swift and going right through to its goal of personality.All signs of the fire element is easy to notice the predominance of spiritual warmth, activity, passion, optimism.From such people turn out excellent figures of oratory, leader in its field, the entrepreneurs.

Among the many advantages found many shortcomings, which awarded this element of the zodiac.Fire, patron of its representatives, develop in them a burning self-confidence, a stubborn character and a desire to command.Similar qualities hinder adequate communication with other elements, therefore it is better to choose the quiet, melancholy companions.

Representatives of the elements of air

People born under the sign of Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, are belonging to the element of air.

Among the features of the mark can be identified communicative, bright view of the world (most often they are sanguine) and intelligence.The predominance of analytical mind, the application in the life of logic and weighty arguments, high imagination, creativity, the ability to follow a clearly constructed plan of action is common to all members of the air field.

addition to the undoubted merits, there are some drawbacks of the owners of the air signs, which represented a mythical ring of the celestial sphere - the zodiac.Air immune to constant fluctuations that very accurately characterizes the members of this element.Among the disadvantages are also allocated excessive talkativeness, over time, develops into love to gossip, hypocrisy and self-confidence.

representatives earth element

element of "land" in the system is represented by three zodiacal constellations - a Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.Owners earth signs tend to be people who love and appreciate the ordinary family life, as well as those who fear change.Perhaps the presence of excessive honesty, prosaic and practical.

Among those born under these constellations can be found personalities cruel to ourselves and to the world.Customized them more realistic, without being able to live the dream.Sometimes prone to pessimism (most often refer to the melancholic).Are reliable signs, on which you can rely.

The disadvantages of belonging to the people of earth elements include the prevalence of simplicity thinking, the boredom, the evidence and predictability in the actions, poorly developed creative imagination, in a plan of callousness and greed.

Elements of water

Signs of water represented the constellations such as Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.Among the surface features, which are endowed with the representatives of the elements, it stands excessive emotionality and sharp sensitivity, high sensitivity to the opinions of others.Frequently observed impermanence and doubt in their actions, deeds, which leads to a pessimistic view of life (prevalence of phlegmatic and melancholic).

As the representatives of the earth element, there is addiction to life in the warmth and comfort of home, without major changes in life.However, well-adapted to any situation, always quietly find a way out of various kinds of difficulty.Sociable and friendly, prone to creative thinking, artistic nature.

flaws that are endowed with signs of water, characterized by laziness, passing into pessimism.Frequent volatility of mood, because of which there are difficulties in communicating with loved ones.

This is one of the most interesting areas - the element of water.Zodiac signs relating thereto, require more detailed consideration.A careful study of the constellations helps open the element, which is a whole range of feelings.People belonging to it, perceive the world through their own experience.

Morale and sensitive heart

Personality representing signs of water in the horoscope, like a bundle of energy with respect to themselves and others.However, this is the most enduring signs of the zodiac, despite its internal Yin.Before the others and strangers often appear as a defenseless and vulnerable persons, but those who have long been familiar with those born in the element of water, eventually became convinced that it is not so.

representatives indicated signs are very hardy psychologically, helping them to perform high-flying, and not to despair in the crash.The only obstacle in the achievement of these goals is its own apathy, lazy mood, the fight that hard enough.Despite this, with the proviso "if want, you can do everything," they make a lot of heroic deeds, and, most importantly, not to praise them in front of people.

Relations with other elements, habitat

contact signs on the water are the best representatives of the land to which they are similar in lifestyle, perfectly complementing each other.More complex relationships and misunderstandings - with fire and air signs, who are leaders by nature.

A member of the water element, it is desirable to have a beautiful scenic view from the large windows, live in peaceable quiet place, away from the noise of the metropolis.Ideally, water should be nearby: a small lake, river, waterfall fill them with more energy and power.The atmosphere in the house breathes peace and grace, in the interior of preferred pastels and soft colors, furniture with rounded corners.

Scorpio - a representative of the water element

Inherently Scorpio is a warrior, often thrown into battle.Representatives of the stinging sign characterized by ruthless attitude toward the people around him, including yourself.For Scorpio is characterized by tension, mood changes and plans, as well as psychological shake-up.Subtle effects on society, its subordination to the will of the representative making the sign of an excellent leader, going ahead, to achieve its goal.Frequent attacks of hatred because of failures on the way to this goal show him as the destroyer of their lives and the people around him.

Company fear refers to Scorpio, because for them it is easy to tell the person everything that they think they face.The downside of this quality is that people do not always want to know the truth about themselves, especially in the open form.People representing the sign of Scorpio, know the sore spots of others, knowing what to say, harder to bite an opponent in a quarrel.Among them there is no gossip, and the ability to rightly and logically articulate his position in a speech talking about the brilliant oratorical skills.

to the opinion of strangers this type completely indifferent, self-confidence does not allow him to believe the words of others, especially those related to direct criticism against him.Scorpio - own boss and advisor, which will power has almost no boundaries.Not sparing himself, he goes forward to the challenges, able to destroy enemies and protect loved ones.

Appearance and attitude

Talking about the appearance of representatives of the constellation Scorpius, constituting signs of water, it should be noted they have a compelling appearance, which is able to attract other people, causing a special arrangement to him.Many representatives of this zodiac sign expressive and bright eyes, big facial features with wide cheekbones.

In relations with other signs of the zodiac belt has its own preferences for each of the Scorpion.The best match for him will be people born under the sign of Pisces and Cancer.The worst option for relationships are Aries, Leo and representatives of the air element, because the two leading sign can rarely get along with each other.

Water element - the patron of the constellation Cancer

Personality, which are a sign of cancer, different from the rest of hypersensitivity and modesty.Cancer takes everything, including other people's opinion, is very close to my heart, as a certain melancholy.He used to think, considering all positive and negative sides to sit "in ambush", waiting for the right moment or the happy occasion.However, waiting for the onset of stardom, cancer never miss his.

Falls on the way to the goal to carry heavy, because prone to all sorts of depression and feelings, it does not lose heart and move forward, overcoming emotional pain.Buying anything overwork, people representing the sign of Cancer, never released anything with regard to love, friendship and work.

willingness to help other cancer makes a good friend and comrade, and a wonderful companion.Well succeed representatives of the mark in those occupations that values ​​the ability to listen and analyze.Excellent Height can reach in a career psychologist.Always trying to look to the future and forget about the present.

Cancer is one of the domestic and family signs of the zodiac.Children and warmth of hearth are an integral part of life, without which it is not its existence.

highlight of the exterior is great, a little bulging eyes looking deep into the soul, with a green tint.A round face shape, skin is very light.Prone to easy fullness female crabs usually have wide hips, high bust.

allies and detractors Cancer

consider relationships with other characters, representing the zodiacal belt.Beautiful and long-term relationship established between Cancer and Leo, with its strong character, which will support the weaker partner.Excellent complement each other Cancer and Aquarius.The latter provides a weak sign of a sense of protection.

Particular caution should be signs in contact with the earth element.In a relationship with them may experience frequent reticence, difficulty in understanding.

Water element - space constellation Pisces

People representing the sign of Pisces, famous fickle in their actions and opinions, they can easily abandon plans or promises, often simply forget about them.

Too often, they rely on the providence and destiny, continued to drift.However, this can not be called a symbol of the zodiac is completely detached and indifferent to everything.The fact that the fish do not tend to up the career ladder, comfortable with the wealth and glory, does not mean indifference to the inner world and feelings.They are inherently creative beginning and a dreamy view of the world, enabling them to achieve greater success in the arts.

Bright representatives of the water element, Pisces are very receptive to the problems of others.Being a very sensual and delicate nature, perfectly build relationships with others.Sometimes, because of excessive credulity Fish are the used or cheated, without noticing.

relationship and look

People representing the sign of Pisces, are the holders of the soft facial features and smooth forehead without evidence of convexity.Hair is often renowned for their density and splendor, but the men happens early baldness.Born under this constellation are considered owners of light, almost transparent skin, which makes them similar with the zodiac sign of Cancer.Sometimes they look painful, with strong signs of exhaustion, without a developed musculature.

complex relations develop in many people, the patron of which is the element of water.Signs of the Zodiac, which may occur in fish frequent conflicts, quarrels, mutual misunderstanding, presented Aries, Gemini, Leo.The characters of the brightest representatives of these constellations are the antithesis of the quiet dreamy Pisces.

lovely duo can make a couple of Pisces and Taurus.The last water sign will remind you about important events and plans.Cancers are also a perfect companion for Pisces - both signs dreamy and absorbed in their own ideal world, always ready to help not only his neighbor, but a stranger.

Despite the fact that the signs of water in a horoscope occupy only one of the four parts, they are endowed with countless benefits.Specialists in the field of astrology and horoscopes study observed, most prominent figures of the past and present are representatives of water.