Doctors are trying to help the world's tallest teenage girl

The highest teenage girl Elisani Brazilian Silva (Elisany Silva), last autumn was 15 years old, but she did not celebrate his birthday - for health reasons.

Although Elisani as dreamed visited a model and walked the catwalk dressed as a bride just before the 15th anniversary, but her life is still in danger.Brazilian doctors are trying to help to survive and recover the girl, whose growth in the 14 years was 2 meters 6 centimeters.

highest teenage girl in the world Elisani Silva (Elizane da Cruz Silva) was born September 27, 1995 in a small Brazilian village Ajuruteua ocean.Elisani lives with his mother, stepfather and sister.

From 11 years old girl suddenly began to grow with abnormal speed - at 15 cm per year, reaching a growth of 2 meters 6 centimeters by the age of 14.

Elisani Two years ago, I had to leave school (she was in 5th grade), because of the constant pain and discomfort while sitting in the classroom and the inability to ride a school bus.

In recent years, more and more girl complains to pester her headaches, pain in the legs, arms and joints, and memory lapses.Torments her and mood swings - gratuitous flash of anger and depression.

Because of ill health Elisani parents did not even throw a party on the occasion of its 15th anniversary.

Doctors believe that Silva ill rare disease - "gigantism", with which the human pituitary gland sends the wrong signals from the brain, causing the body to grow faster than necessary.If this continues, the suffering of the girls add new troubles: may refuse thyroid and other vital organs, the situation is fraught with even deadly.

After the media told the world about this girl, Elisani performed in many Brazilian television programs and local hospitals even took her free to explore, since a poor family Silva this no money.

Through a series of complex surveys, Brazilian doctors have not yet determined how it is possible (and whether) to help Elisani, but promised to try to do it.

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