Collecting debts in Russia

organization is considered financially stable in the event that less accounts payable.Accounts receivable - is the property of the enterprise requirements to natural or legal persons who are debtors of the company.Working capital of the enterprise is summed up of the following components: inventories, cash, work in progress and receivables.This suggests that the debt the debtor is part of the working capital.

Many entrepreneurs in Russia there are problems with non-payment of debt.In order not to overstep the bounds of the law, deceived party to such a transaction is forced to seek legal methods to carry out debt collection.Return funds are almost always has its own unique features, which are due to circumstances of the debt, the personality characteristics of the debtor and the creditor.If you find yourself in this situation, what you will start collecting receivables, the higher the chance of a positive outcome of the situation.When the history of the formation of the debt goes back a long way, it is much more difficult to remove than fresh.


Collecting debts - is the return of the debt, which is legally owed to the organization, enterprise or institution by natural or legal persons as a result of relationships with them.The amount of debt can be withdrawn from circulation of own funds of the debtor.

collection practices Debt collection can be carried out by organizations and enterprises of absolutely all forms of ownership.Many are ready to offer assistance in this difficult matter of the pre-trial process.These organizations negotiate with the debtor, ascertain the actual financial condition of the debtor.If necessary, can send a complaint against him.But if this fails, the case will have to transfer to the court.In this case, file a claim and it is expected the decision.With the filing of the statement of claim shall be receivable within 1-3 working days.The trial in the first instance should be continued for 3 months from the date of filing a lawsuit.

actual recovery of debts (receivables)

If the judge makes a decision to recover the debt, we can proceed in two ways:

a) withdraw the debt from debtors;

b) if the debtors refuse voluntary payment, then the bailiffs carried out the forced recovery of the debt.

But, unfortunately, currently state employees is not much in a hurry to do it.So, if you want to return your money, try to follow the actions or omissions of state artist.Often the collection of receivables in court has been delayed for a very long time.