Eccentric man - is the one who sees the world differently

eccentric people - is an individual that is shaking society to its extraordinary behavior bordering weirdo.The eccentric personality inhabits the border rules, its behavior is constantly surprising.From the Latin word «eccentricus» translated as "deviating from the center."About such people can often hear that they are not "on our planet."Who are really bizarre people?

Eccentricity: why they do not like it?

eccentricity should not be confused with visualization purposes.The latter is constantly looking for approval from others.Pointedly never divorced from reality, in fact, this is only a simulation of eccentricity, in order to impress.

truly eccentric man in his natural oddity.For him, his strangeness quite logical, rather, for such a person is not oddities, but the norm.Eccentric man - a person who has the logic of a different format.Sail, motor and wind him all the same, but navigation equipment in his vehicle runs entirely on a different principle.Through the course of his downed constantly

bears in the wrong direction.

eccentric people - is a person that exists in itself.He can always explain their actions.Do not took off his coat at the meeting - so soon after leaving, walked into the room without knocking - so why knock, the door is still open.

eccentric character can play like a cruel joke, and to assist in achieving success.Eccentricity helps these people to become famous artists, writers, businessmen, politicians, etc.However, there are also clinical variants, for example, quiet and unadapted to life cranks.Such people tend to often stayut mental hospital patients.

most eccentric people

As already mentioned, eccentric people often seek recognition.Among the prominent people can distinguish a lot of weirdos.

1. Hetty Green.The strangeness of this woman is that she was incredible miser.Due to its business acumen and economy Hetty became the richest woman in the XIX century.Her greed knew no bounds: for years she had been in the same clothes, eat the cheapest cakes and equipped office currently in the lobby of the bank.Despite his vast fortune (about $ 2 billion), the Briton Save up to his death.

2. No less eccentric celebrity is a writer Oscar Wilde.The conservative England, he wore a very colorful clothes and walked with lobster on a leash.Unlike Hattie Greene Wilde, on the contrary, it exhibited its viability show.

3. In the XVIII lived Simeon Ellerton, who was renowned for being fanatically sought to perfect physical shape.He liked walking on a fairly long distances.During these walks he often collect large stones and wore on his head.As a result of these stones he built a house, but the habit to carry the stones on his head remained for life.

People have always loved the original, observe their antics - a very fun activity.Eccentric man - a man who lives as he wants, without looking at the others.Be a little more original would not hurt many people.The main thing - to be able to only slightly "roll away" from the center, in order not to lose its vital axis.