Moon day.

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We live in a technologically advanced society.It's comfortable.But there is a downside: we simply begin to lose touch with the outside world, which is not the best way affects all areas of our lives.We are talking about the subtle interaction with nature that (our ancestors knew about it) affects the fate of people.It is expressed, for example, in connection with certain human phases of the moon.

people all the time trying to match external events and inner experiences it with the rhythms of the sun.It should be noted that compliance with certain recommendations in different lunar day is not to say that earthlings have to live through some advance preordained schedule.These recommendations are just a way to settle their life in such a way as to be in harmony with nature, with oneself and the world.

Lunar Day: characteristic

By tradition, every day of the lunar calendar can be divided into favorable and negative.Of course, this distinction is arbitrary, it is based only on the large difference in the strength of the energy days.In the lunar calendar, you can find recommendations on when to start doing a new thing, and when you need to refrain from this.

Lunar Calendar

Feature lunar days suggests that the most unfavorable for days are 29, 15 and 9 digits.More in this deal will help calendar.It is possible to see what today lunar day: characteristics of day and corresponding recommendations.At this time you need to be especially quiet and not to succumb to provocations, which can happen a lot.Due to the heavy power of day people can not act the way they usually do, they can still be annoying, they argue with each other in a vacuum.

There are still some unfavorable days.These are the 26 th, 23 th, 18 th and 4 th lunar day.Characteristic of this is that during these days you need to focus all the attention on himself: in current affairs and in his inner world.These are days of inactivity, there is no need to plan and undertake nothing new.

most favorable of all for days of the lunar cycle is 28 th, 24 th, 16 th, 12 th, 7 th and 4 th lunar day.Characteristics of these days says that a person feels a burst of energy and strength, this time for any activity.

There are cycles in which the overspending of energy.This is the 25 th, 20 th, 19 th, 14 th, 11 th, and 8 th lunar day.Characteristics of these days is that a person gets tired quickly, so the next day may feel uncomfortable.Such days are best suited for the purification of the body at this time to avoid excesses.

total lunar month can be 29 or 30 days.Start the cycle goes from the new moon, and the first and last days of the day can be so short that take just a minute.Each of the lunar day has its own character, so that every citizen of the Earth has a special rhythm.It defines the day of the moon, in which a person was born.When your personal rhythm coincides with the rhythm of the current lunar day, you can live in harmony with oneself and the world.