Sagittarians and Scorpios.

neighbors on the Zodiac - Sagittarius and Scorpio.Compatibility of sufficiently high, but provided that both working relationship.Both signs show the two extremes in the relationship.Scorpions are very serious about everything, while Sagittarius - quite windy.

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility in love

If we talk about these "neighbors", the situation is very ambiguous.It must be understood that the compatibility of Sagittarius woman - Scorpio man is very conditional.This man will never give heart to those who do not fall into the category of his ideals: a perfect housewife, a good lover, a strong woman.He longs for perfection!Sagittarius woman is frank and independent.To her love is knocking only after the friendship, when she was deep enough to recognize the man.In Scorpio Woman draws the strength and integrity of the person, but the admiration goes, when a man begins to produce too many claims and demands.Find a compromise will be very difficult: Scorpio is too proud and secretive, and Sagittarius is ready to talk about anything, walk around it, but not to discuss the issue.And if freedom-loving woman feels the restriction and the lack of attention, the relationship will be doomed.

Emotionally, these signs can be quite close, but when it comes to the bedroom ... Sagittarius tempted by the passion of Scorpio, and the latter, being in fact very passionate nature, offense, if the partner would agree only on one night and refuse to renew an intimate relationship.Representative Fire meets playfulness, he is looking for ways to satisfy the passion of a partner, but in the end he remains disappointed: they want more powerful and even dominant partner.

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility in friendship

In fact, this is the same area where the signs will find mutual understanding with each other.Friendship is built on a reasonable commitment and the absence of any claims to each other.Thus, they can become good friends, but this relationship will take time to become really strong.Compatibility Sagittarius-Scorpio in this aspect is measured by patience both.Scorpio is becoming less secretive, gradually revealing his soul, and Sagittarius learns to think before you speak, thereby controlling their words and not causing offense to his companion.To say that the friendship has become a real, strong, can be only when suspicious Scorpio will finally be able to tell all her secrets without fear of being misunderstood.

Here they are, the representatives of the elements of Fire and Water, Sagittarians and Scorpios.Compatibility in various spheres of life, as many signs, determined mostly by personal characteristics, and may lead to a very strong relationship.The differences between them can be a good complement to each other.And in the event of such a magical feeling, like love, the main thing - not to frighten her, then she will truly indestructible.