Quality mark of the USSR on the product and its history

20 April 1967 in the USSR was put a sign of quality.The purpose of its creation was to increase efficiency and improve the characteristics of the goods.Sign of the quality of products is regulated by GOST 1.9-67 April 7, 1967.The right to its use was applied by all the republics of the Soviet Union in all sectors of the economy.In the USSR state commission made quality certification of goods and its results made the decision on the right of use of the mark.State quality mark is applied to the Soviet Union a particularly important product, vetted and wearing mass or serial in nature.It was first applied to the electric motors produced at Electromechanical Plant named after Vladimir Lenin in Moscow.This event occurred April 22, 1970.

history quality mark

Just having the title "Supplier of the Court of His Imperial Majesty", merchants have the right to supply its products to the royal court.It also made it possible to install on commercial billboards imperial coat of arms.The title is issued for two years, after which it was required to undergo a second procedure for confirmation of product quality.Inherited it was impossible.

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Thus, thanks to a peculiar prototype appeared a sign of the quality of the USSR.In Russia, the mark provider of the Imperial Household was put on these types of products: marmalade, released at the factory A. Abrikosov, confectionery production Adolf Sioux (after the revolution, the factory "Bolshevik"), and other products that have passed quality assessment.

Beginning in 1829, in Russia the right to place the king's coat of arms has undergone major changes.Only by participating in major Russian exhibitions and fairs, and defeating them, you can qualify for this honorable mark.Merchants and shopkeepers had to have an absolutely high-quality product that is without complaints.Their experience of participation in such fairs had to be at least eight years.

At the beginning of the XX century media such honorary titles for the vendor was about thirty.

Product Quality

quality - a combination of product properties that determine its suitability for use.For example, the quality of the car is defined in terms of safety, reliability, adaptability, and a number of other characteristics of which correspond to this type of product.To determine how good it is necessary to conduct a series of complex and consistent measures for its assessment.The solution of these issues in the Soviet Union was entrusted to the Union Institute, engaged in research in the field of standardization (VNIIS).

categories of product quality

In the Soviet Union, the product quality was assessed in three categories of quality: the higher, first and second.It belonged to the higher products that meet and exceed international quality standards.Evaluation of "first category" is awarded to products that are produced in accordance with the normative and technical documentation.With the release of their exports was made in accordance with the additional requirements of the exporting countries.The second category of products assessed, undergone obsolescence.

Graphical quality mark

GOST 1.9-67 [1] regulates the rights and the building of the application mark of product quality.Tattoo was applied on the packaging, on the packaging and on the products.It is also a sign of quality USSR duplicated documentation accompanying the goods, in the labels and tags.

State Examination Board on the results of tests and examinations to rule on the right of use of the mark by enterprises for various periods of time.As a rule, this period lasted from two to three years.

Picture "Quality Mark of the USSR" is a modification of the image of a five-pointed star - the heraldic symbol of the Soviet Union.In the figure at right angles with strict observance of dimension lines surrounding the letter K. It is "Quality".The letter has a strict rotation of 90 °.

star in the sign of quality

Some sources interpret the image of the star quality label as a symbol of man.Five Corners - head and four limbs.Also in the picture stars sign a correlation with the ideogram and a pentagram.

five-pointed star is known not only as one of the heraldic symbols, but also as an ancient symbol, ideogram.Form it can be, if connected in the same line at an angle of 36 ° in each point.If the extended line of the center of the star, so that they come together, can form a pentagram.For the first time these images were used as far back as 3500 BC.e.Ever since ancient times, the pentagram is known as the guardian against evil.

Availability mark quality products allows no doubt in the product characteristics and the truthfulness of the country of origin.That is a sign of quality - Made in the USSR.