2026 - the year of the animal horoscope is?

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At present, almost all the people interested in astrology, which is why they are looking for an answer to the following question: "2026 - the year of the animal?" In the eastern horoscope total there are 12 characters, the number of months in the year.According to the rule horoscope begins with the Rat and ends with pig.Every 12 years the year of a particular animal is repeated, and everything is going in a circle.

2026 - the year of the animal on the eastern horoscope?

Currently celebrate the New Year together with the animal symbol was the folk tradition.In all likelihood, it will be no exception and in 2026.What the animal it will be - it can easily be calculated, if you know that in 2014 was the Year of the Horse.Adding 12 years, we find that in 2026 will also be the year of Horse.But there are several varieties.For example, in 2026 - the year of animal sign?Year of the Fire Horse, which means a year of love and passion.This animal is born under the signs of grace and ardor.The horse is a very interesting cheerful character, she is constantly in the spotlight.Born in the year of the animal people are quite talented and intelligent, they take part in all conversations and even disputes.

Horse appreciated for what it always and in all straightforward and honest.But we must remember that it is very stubborn and even self-centered.The horse can always come to the aid and support in difficult times.

In holidays every person really wants to look beautiful and attractive, which is why it is important to know, in 2026 - the year of the animal on a horoscope and what to wear to be successful.The most suitable option for women would be a long dress to be sewn from the brightest shimmering fabrics.

What will be the Year of the Horse in 2026?

Year of the animal is, we already know, and now you need to understand is what the future holds.In the Year of the Horse encouraged to seriously work out a little or take part in various rallies.

This is a good time to get a good strong family.Who was born in the year of this animal that you are very lucky, because it promises a lot of interesting and unexpected.But we need to be more restrained, because the bright flashes of emotion can destroy everything that was built for so long.

all the people born in 2026

People who are born in the Year of the Horse, have both positive traits and negative.Typically, they seek to help others, always outgoing, talented, hard-working.The figure of the horse is very accurate, she knows how to dress tastefully.She likes to be the center of attention and attract as much as possible the views to yourself.She knows how to make beautiful compliments likes to go to the theater, to concerts, to participate in competitive sports.But there is in the nature of their few drawbacks: Horses are capricious, unfair, selfish and prone to adventures.

horoscope for those born in the Year of the Horse

Almost all people who are born in the year of the Fire Horse, is very active and achieve the set goals.In the event that they have long put some task, they will go to her, no matter what.But the horse should be borne in mind that not everyone is happy with their success, unfortunately, it is now the envy of no one canceled.

If the horse wanted to buy a new skill, it will go with perseverance to this goal, until you get their way.It is sometimes a bit in a hurry, giving people some promise.The horses are in good health and are great for physical work.They need to begin to control himself, or it may contribute to a serious quarrel, and it will leave an indelible mark on the soul.

in love horse is very emotional and will never hide my feelings.Many people mistakenly believe that out of it will come a good wife and mother, but that's not true.Yes, the horse is too active, but that, on the contrary, well.

Horses often illegible in intimate relationships when they face vigorous and strong partner, it is possible that they come from a good couple.

Horse and zodiac sign

  1. Horse Aries is a passionate, forward-forward person.Such a sign is always enough energy and imagination to cope with all the chores.
  2. Horse Taurus - a man who is born under this sign will be able to achieve anything he wants, and create a good strong family.
  3. Horse Gemini - such people often do not bring the case to the end, they are constantly changing mood.That is why they have few friends because they can not sustain everyone.
  4. Horse Cancer - the sign is able to subordinate himself to the discipline and self-control.
  5. Horse Leo - a man who is born in the Year of the Horse, is able to manage themselves, it is very sincere and kind nature.
  6. Horse Virgo - the sign can think straight, but it is enough emotional and swift on hasty actions.Horse fairly balanced, able to weigh all the "pros" and "cons".
  7. Horse Libra - the sign of a very good team and get along in never quarrels with anyone.
  8. Horse Scorpio - quite a strong personality who is able to see through all the people.
  9. Horse Sagittarius - born under this sign people are inclined to the original judgment and totally unexpected actions.
  10. Horse Capricorn - these people are reliable and constant.
  11. Horse Aquarius - a man can be called an optimist, he has a lot of friends.
  12. Horse Fish - people born under this sign are always in search of answers to their important questions.