What kind of diet most effective when giardiasis

First of all it should be noted that giardiasis intestine - it is a disease in which the body in this form is very dangerous microorganisms.So-called giardia can penetrate into the intestine through the low-quality products or dirt on their hands.It is noteworthy that the disease is inherent mainly children, but often occurs in adults.How to deal with this disease?Which diet for giardiasis really help?


In fact, such a nasty disease in the early stages of development, practically does not manifest itself.Then, during an exacerbation, a person can dramatically increase the temperature, appear flatulence or even nausea after eating.The only true solution at the moment, according to experts in this area are diverse diet for giardiasis.Let us enumerate the basic rules of supply of these systems.

Description diet for giardiasis

First nutritionists recommend to reduce the consumption of so-called simple carbohydrates, which are very quickly absorbed.The thing is that they form a favorable environment for the life of giardia in the body.This pasta and pastries, and sweets.On the other hand, it should also be removed from the daily diet all fatty and substandard products (sausages, fast food, convenience food).It is recommended that as little as possible to eat fruits and vegetables.By the way, nutritionists advise to pay attention to low-fat meats, seafood, yogurt, cranberry juice and cranberries.Scientists have proven that these microorganisms are absolutely not tolerate being in an acidic medium, therefore, can be achieved by simple manipulations specifically change the types of food consumed.So other than acidifiers believe dairy products and fresh berries.

Diet for giardiasis.Nutritional advice

If the above we have listed a number of basic products to be brought to the attention, then Now for general recommendations.Every time just before eating food you can drink a glass of water.Throughout the day, as a snack, it is desirable to use a smoothie made with fresh / frozen berries.As for vegetables, they are recommended to be steamed or oven.It is undesirable to use such products, which have an irritating effect on the gut flora: garlic, radish, raw onions, radishes and so on. D.

Conclusion This article only offer some advice on what to treat giardiasis.Experts in any case it is recommended to consult a doctor to conduct a detailed diagnosis.The fact is that it is often a diet and observance of rules of power is not enough, need serious medical treatment.It is best in the early stages to take a course offered by a physician individual therapy rather than constantly then limit yourself to your favorite foods and take drugs.