What is female circumcision?

Probably residents of most civilized countries, in which the woman is not perceived as being of a lower grade, it is difficult to imagine that many countries still practice female circumcision procedure.Moreover, it is done in terrible conditions.And the impact of this "surgery" on a woman's life - just awful.So, what is female circumcision?Information that will allow many to understand that we are fantastically lucky to be born in a normal society!

What is female circumcision?Two interpretations of the term

In most countries of the world under female circumcision understand completely harmless to the health of the procedure that, in principle, is designed to remove cosmetic defects of the genitals.For example, removal of excess tissue labia minora.Sometimes also it excised mucosal hood that covers the clitoris.

But!In 28 countries the situation is far from it!They practiced a completely different operation.So, female circumcision!Why do it, for example, in Africa?And what Pharaoh's circumcision and excision and sunna?

Let's start with the fact that there are three options for the circumcision of women.First, only the excised skin folds surrounding the clitoris, ie it is permanently open and therefore more sensitive.It is this Sunnah.

second way: the clitoris and labia are removed completely.It is this excision procedure or klitoroektomiey.It is clear that after such intervention a full sex life for women under the big question.That is, it will be the conjugal duty, but not the ability to have fun!

And finally, the third option.That is the Pharaoh's circumcision.There are still terrible.After removal of the labia minora and clitoris labia majora are sewn so that the hole remains minimal.By the way, the fabric can be sewn so that intimacy would be impossible in principle.If it is decided that the girl should allow execution of marital debt and the birth of children, then the hole is expanded (again, surgically).

Now it becomes clearer what female circumcision.But that is not all!It turns out that these manipulations are made with the girls, who is about 5 years.About any sterility and the use of special tools (and anesthesia), in some cases, not out of the question.As a tool can be used that will seem more comfortable: scissors, glass, knife.

why female circumcision is performed?

answer to this question from the point of view of any sane person is a killer!It is believed that the Pharaoh's circumcision and excision guarantee that a woman will be faithful to his wife and will not be a girl of easy virtue.Accordingly, the girl, who as a child has not undergone circumcision may not be the wife of a decent man.It is - by definition, a prostitute.

Is this practice so far?

Unfortunately - yes!For example, in the UK such a procedure is prohibited by law in 1985 only.By the way, public attention to the fact that female circumcision is, and how it happens, drew a dark-skinned model Waris Dirie.This magnificent woman found the strength to tell the world about the barbarism that until now happening in the world!