Monastery of Montserrat (Spain).

very interesting attraction is the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat (Spain).How to reach it, many tourists are interested.He is a religious and spiritual symbol of Catalonia, as well as a major center of pilgrimage.Over its exterior and interior work, many artists and sculptors 19-20 centuries.Therefore it is not surprising that so popular with pilgrims Monastery of Montserrat.Spain considers it one of the objects of national pride.From the cliffs carved altar and then richly decorated with silver.

in creating and decorating the altar of the chapel directly involved Antoni Gaudí - the world famous and a talented architect.The main hall of the cathedral looks very solemn and magnificent.There is a black statue of Mary Montserrat.Her silver throne as a sign of reconciliation after the civil war was made at the expense of ordinary people.The statue is one of the main but not the only attraction that has the monastery of Montserrat (Spain).

It simultaneously home to hundreds of Benedictine monks.It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.Every year, it attracts about 2 million pilgrims.Of course, most people are attracted to the Basilica statue of the Black Madonna.Leading Geographic Services noted as an important landmark monastery of Montserrat (Spain) on the map.Legend says that if people make a wish and kiss the hand of the Black Madonna, it will certainly come true.This especially helps people who do not get to conceive.

the right hand of the statue is a sphere, symbolizing the land that God created.Her left hand is on the shoulder of the baby.Baby represents the almighty king.His left hand squeezes a lump - a symbol of longevity and fertility.With his right hand he blesses.

Why sculpture black?This is the main question that interested people visiting the monastery of Montserrat.Spain - a Catholic country, which a priori implies piety.However, explaining that there are very down to earth.According to one version, Madonna symbolizes the earth, so the color is.Another explanation - the statue is made of wood, which darkened over time or because of candle soot.Some believe that it is coated with a special layer of varnish.However, no matter what version or was true, the Black Madonna continues to attract pilgrims to the monastery of Montserrat.Spain tourism earns very good money.

on the territory of the basilica there is a very interesting museum, which exhibits the work of the monks (iconography), jewelery, archaeological finds from the Middle East, painting and more.The monastery is famous for its huge library, which houses many medieval manuscripts.Collegiate printing house - one of the oldest in the country.Therefore, tourists will be here to see.