Customs and traditions: how to bury a Muslim?

How to bury a Muslim?The question, of course, difficult.Islam dictates his followers certain laws burial.This so-called Sharia.In this article I will tell you how the ritual burial of a Muslim.

How to bury a Muslim: what to do before death

Shari'ah prescribed and predetermined by the whole life of the adherents of Islam from birth to death.So, while the dying person is still alive, placed on its back so that his legs "looked" in the direction of Mecca.Then begins the rather loud reading of prayers.This is in order to hear her dying.Before his death, every Muslim should be given a sip of cold water.Crying in front of him strictly prohibited!

What to do after the death of a Muslim

When he died, it is necessary to tie up his chin, close your eyes, straighten the arms and legs and cover his face.On his stomach must put something heavy.

How to bury a Muslim ablutions

Before the burial itself is necessary to conduct the procedure for washing the body.Typically, the funeral of a Muslim place only after three ritual bath, which involves at least four persons of the same sex as the deceased himself.

first time wash water with dissolved cedar powder, the second time it was dissolved camphor, and the third bath is simple with clean water.

How to bury a Muslim burial

Sharia law prohibits burying Muslims in dress.This is done in a shroud.The material from which it is made, must match the material of the deceased.It is forbidden to cut hair and nails late!His body should be all kinds of scented oils.Then, going over it prayers, after which it is wrapped in a shroud, making units at the head, at the waist and legs.

Made untie knots just before the body begins to descend into the pit.The deceased, wrapped in a shroud, put on a stretcher and thus delivered to the cemetery.Lower the body necessarily feet down.After that, throw a handful of earth pit and pour water.The fact is that Islam does not allow to bury the dead in their graves.Exceptions are cases where the deceased was dismembered, or the body has decomposed.

Curiously, grave digging may completely arbitrary.Everything depends on the local topography of the earth.Interment followed by the reading of prayers from all present.They mentioned the name of the deceased.Shariah does not approve of tombstones, on which there is the image of the deceased person.

On what day they bury Muslims?

desirable to carry out the burial in the day when the person died.This happens when death caught him during the day.In this case, the washing procedure takes place before sunset.After the funeral is held.

Why Muslims bury sitting?

It is associated with certain representations of Muslims about the afterlife.They believe that after the death of the physical body, the soul remains there until its transfer to the angel of death angel of heaven, which will prepare it for eternal life.But before that the soul of the deceased is to answer a few questions.For this to happen in terms of decency, Muslim and arrange a grave in which he sits and does not lie.