Jericho - the biblical city in Palestine

The known this city?The Russian language has become the phrase "pipe of Jericho."It means loud cry, foreshadows a catastrophe.Yet we know that Jericho - the oldest city in Palestine, and probably throughout the world.Archaeologists have discovered that at this point people have lived continuously tisyach ten years!Jericho is interesting and in terms of geographic location: it is located 250 meters below sea level.This is the depths of the city in the world.And, of course, it is worth us to open the Bible, as we shall soon encounter the mention of Jericho.

In the Old Testament it is mentioned in the books of Deuteronomy, Judges, 2 Chronicles, Joshua.But in the Gospel biblical city in Palestine are not overlooked.Approaching him, our Lord healed the blind from birth.Entering the city walls on the way to Jerusalem, Jesus met Zacchaeus, who was small in stature, and so climbed a sycamore tree to see the Messiah because of the surrounding nations.By the way, this tree is still alive, and show everyone.

"All of this legend," - says the man who does not believe the Bible.What do they say about the "City of Palms" (according to one version, hence the name of the city Yёriho) the facts, that is the material evidence?After the end of the XIX century, when the biblical city received the first British archaeological expedition, he imagined himself a quiet provincial village.British scientists in 1868 dug up quite a bit.After 40 years in the village came another expedition, this time consisting of Germans.The mission, which was led by archaeologist E. Sellin, immediately began to dig deep.As a result, in 1908, scientists discovered the ancient city wall.

Today, through the efforts of archaeologists in Palestine, the biblical city of 23 revealed the formation of bygone civilizations.The first settlement to the west of the modern marketplace Jericho relates to the 8th thousand. BC.e.But the important thing is not: the settlement was not wild nomad camp of nomads, namely the city.This is evidenced by the powerful eight-meter tower, dating back to the Neolithic era preceramic.The settlement of the Bronze Age (7300 BC. E.) Scientists scale struck the city fortifications.Almost hard to believe that these massive walls could raise up people who do not know the iron.

Many artifacts in Jericho later periods: the period of the Chalcolithic necropolis, the ruins of King Herod's winter residence, the Palace of Culture of the Arab period, 7th century.But what allows us to say that Jericho - that the biblical city in Palestine?Firstly, the source of the hill of Tel al-Sultan, called key Elisha.In the fourth book of Kings (2: 19-22), we read that all the city was good, except that the water was not good.Prophet Elisha threw salt, making source became drinkable.And not far from the town stands the mountain where Jesus fasted for 40 days and was tempted by the devil.

But what does "pipe Jericho"?Joshua says that the ancient Jews decided to take this very good place in an oasis, as they promised to support Yahweh.The army surrounded the biblical city in Palestine and became loud trumpets, and made war cries.As a result of the powerful fortifications collapsed, and the Israelites killed all the residents except for one house of a harlot Rahab and kolabortsionistki.Does this mystical story at least some tangible evidence?Indeed, the huge fortification of the city (17 hectares, which is unheard of antiquity) collapsed in several places.But the reason for this was not the voice of the trumpet, and an earthquake.