Compatibility of Capricorn women and men Taurus in love

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Paired female Capricorn and Taurus male stars are arranged in such a way that love at first sight can last a lifetime.Shared passions, the same outlook on life and marriage will help them to overcome all obstacles and barriers.

Compatibility Capricorn women and men Taurus so good that their love will bring happiness to both.If they temper their zeal for work will no longer trust each other, it will be sensitive and tender spouses.

Characteristic signs

Compatibility female Capricorn and Taurus men stems from their belonging to the element of Earth.It gives both the signs of practicality, worldly wisdom.Capricorn and Taurus do not have the high romanticism, dreaminess.They prefer to deal with the real, earthly affairs.Diligence both signs could lead them to serious career achievements.

Capricorn woman and the man Taurus respect the stability, strength, and reliability.They know how to make money and not to spend money for nothing.Investments of this pair is always carefully considered and calculated.

Horoscope indicates perfect compatibility characters.Capricorn woman gentleness, tenderness surround man Capricorn.He will guard and protect his girlfriend from the problems of adversity.

At constant movement forward must build his life female Capricorn and Taurus male.Compatible may be compromised if they are bogged down in routine and domestic quarrels.Then mutual resentment, dissatisfaction with life will couple to irritation and discontent.

Common goals, common recreation, interesting hobby allow this union to be harmonious for many years.Love and respect will create conditions for a comfortable communicating at all levels - from work to marriage.


Even the friendship of these signs tend to love relationships.Compatibility of Capricorn women and men Taurus based on similar life views.They understand each other perfectly.Able to come to the aid of the first call.

These signs can be helpful for each other.Common aspirations and values ​​unite them, in addition to the sympathy and friendship and will bring mutual benefits.Their reliability will allow to be confident that in difficult times will always be next to each.


amazing psychological compatibility makes this a couple of essential parterres and colleagues.Networking will help them achieve high operating results.Capricorn woman and the man Taurus fit together and in the professional sphere.

purposeful, persistent, characteristic of these signs, making them valuable employees.Softness, tact Capricorn will help smooth out stubborn Taurus.

Their cooperation is based on an instinctive understanding of each other.Male Taurus yearns for promotion.Only such an incentive will allow him to stay in one place.If there is no career, such a man will look for another job.

Taurus woman is prone to calm their professional duties.She has a good relationship with colleagues.She is diligent and hardworking.Career success will come to it in the second half of life.


Compatibility Capricorn women and men Taurus in love almost perfect.Both signs in romantic and tender.Hide their vulnerability behind the external coldness and tranquility.However, making out in each other this similarity may be the best husbands.

man Taurus prefers sensual, physical manifestations of love.It is passionate, skillful sex partner.Capricorn woman - a cold, is guided by the union of souls.She was quite emotional attachment, the heat of the senses.Taurus prefers a more tangible relationship.

If he wakes sensuality of his partner, teach sophisticated caresses, the woman Capricorn and Taurus man in love and tenderness can surpass any other pair of signs of the zodiac.

Marriage Compatibility Capricorn women and men Taurus marriage is that it will be a very strong alliance.Practicality and prudence will relieve these signs of an unnecessary showdown.Marriage based on trust and understanding, Taurus and Capricorn will bring a complete satisfaction in life.

There will be no violent emotions.Capricorn woman is not inclined to discuss the reverent feelings, clarify every nuance relations.Taurus men may not have the sentimental, romantic rendezvous.But their quiet confidence in each other will strengthen marriage.They are gentle lovers, good friends, loving parents.

Capricorn woman, if something is not in her plan, the spouse is able to move away from.Her cold silence can bring a man-of Taurus itself.Explosions have both signs are rare, but strong.When the storm subsided and the conflict will be settled, these signs will once again become the best wives.

Capricorn needs love and support of the Taurus.Last admires the charm and grace of his wife.Excellent compatibility female Capricorn and Taurus men, their patience and restraint will help in many years to carry the respect and unity.

Capricorn woman

Capricorn woman hiding inside a little girl, fragile and vulnerable, dreamy and modest.And it looks calm, confident woman.Insistence to elect not allow her to marry early.If this happens, the decision will be thought out down to the smallest nuances.

Despite the outward manifestations of independence, strength, this woman will always look for a reliable and loving companion.High requirements do not allow it to compromise with his conscience and choose an unworthy man.It will be a long wait, but the end is sure to come reward.

Failures in love can put a woman Capricorn dependent on career growth.Active and motivated, it will be taken from the zeal for work, thus offsetting personal disorder.

in marriage and love Capricorn woman forgets his career, he is more concerned with home and family.She's a good, hospitable hostess.The attractiveness and charm entail new acquaintances.However, women of this sign of the zodiac - the faithful wife.They are not exchanged for one-time infidelity.Over the years, Capricorn woman becomes tender wife, and friend and adviser to her husband.

man Taurus

man Taurus remarkably similar to the female Capricorn.Both inside trusting, vulnerable, sensitive.Externally - balanced, calm, unshakable.Therefore, the compatibility of female Capricorn and Taurus men love best.They instinctively understand the psychological characteristics of each other.Try not to cause unnecessary suffering, protect the inner world of a partner from the frustration and resentment.

man Taurus - a tireless practitioner.He was not interested in castles in the air and empty dreams.He lifelong systematically builds a career, financial prosperity, stability.With persistence, he walks through the barriers to independence.Quietly solves the most complex routine cases.His moral and physical strength enough to overcome any difficulties.

rest in the bosom of nature, fishing, hunting, hiking - this hobby male Taurus after the working week.He knows how to work systematically, narabatyvaya authority and high professional results.And just as enthusiastically relax by the fire in the soft grass.

is an honest, reliable partner.He always remembers his enemies and offenders, but never drops to vindictiveness or cheap threats.

Capricorn woman and the man Taurus: compatibility.Results

Capricorn woman long retains its youth and attractiveness.Therefore, the most intense of her life will be in the second half.Charming, intelligent, reserved woman will always attract men's looks.But her inner vulnerability would allow her to be frank with only loyal, sensitive partner.

man Taurus - the hospitable owner, faithful husband.Even lightweight affair on the side will not change his respect for his wife.He appreciates the family hearth, cherishes relations.

Love and understanding between the woman and the man-Capricorn-Taurus will get stronger over the years.Both signs are aimed at the family.No operating problems or life's troubles can not separate them.The more children in a family is, the more united become a man and a woman Capricorn Taurus.