How to open a travel agency

How to open a travel agency?This question is increasingly asked by people who want to have your own business and earn good money.Travel attractive to many.And small businesses tend to generate a great income.So why not look for the answer to the question of how to open a travel agency?

First of all, you will have to draw up a detailed and competent business plan according to the rules.If you can not do it, it is best to seek professional help.Just do not order a business plan for the questionable sites in the network.In this case, no guarantee of quality is not even worth waiting for.It is better to apply to a firm with a proven track record.

business plan always contains detailed information about what the possible risks and drawbacks of such activities, as well as reports on the merits, which speak in favor of the opening of such an agency.We will understand more.The disadvantages can be safely attributed the high competition.Yes, unfortunately, it is huge.And in order to find your niche, you will have to do the impossible.Risks experts usually carry the likelihood that some of the dismissed for any reason would lead managers for themselves and their clients.And that did not happen, give maximum attention to issues related to the provision of normal working conditions personnel.And what is the advantages of such initiatives?Of course, it's not too big investments.In addition, you do not need to buy or rent a large room.It will be enough, and consists of two rooms.

How to open a travel agency, having no concept?Of course, this is impossible.You need to decide what kind of activities will deal with: extremely turagentstkoy (you - the intermediary, which sells tickets to the final consumer, ie tourist) or, so to speak, of tour (you provide customers a full range of services).These two cases are quite different.In the first you need to find customers and sell them their services, for which then receive a commission.You will need to select a specific operator and to cooperate with him.Most likely, you will each receive vouchers sold about 12 percent of the profits.Therefore, the more people you are interested in, the higher your income.In the second case have to spend much more.The entire range of services involves organizing transfers, meals for tourists, visas, negotiations with hotels and hotels, tour desk, various health centers, work with carriers and so on.

to decide how to open a travel agency, you need to know in advance what the range of services you offer customers.It can be a variety of activities: extreme, cruises, treatment, children's tours, youth and others.

Before you start to collect all the documents that are needed to register a company, take the trouble to find an office.Of course, the best option - to be in a convenient location for both car owners and those who use public transport.Make at least redecorating.Your office should be presentable enough for people to believe that you are providing high-quality services.

Another detail: in addition to a landline phone, you need to have the company were mobile numbers.And you never know when the move happens expansion of business?And then you can lose landline number.People who are interested in answer to the question, how to open a travel agency, often do not know whether such activity is subject to licensing.Fortunately for you - no.Because it will be enough just to register the state of emergency, or LLC.

The staff you will need to hire a courier, accountant, cleaner and more managers.And on the campaign do not forget.In this article, cost saving is not recommended.

So, if you're worried about how to open a travel agency in Russia, then stop.In our country in this field, too, really succeed.After all, the wider the geography, the greater the chances and opportunities.