The second day of RFW: men and women

second day impressions of the Russian Fashion Week has been given to men, and, in theory, this day had to show their new collections of the season "Autumn-Winter 2008" designers who create exclusive men's fashion.
However, the reality turned out not exactly as it was intended.

man's world is ruled by transvestites

Designer with unpronounceable name Hayam Hanukaev presented at RFW debut autumn-winter collection, which includes a lot of extraordinary female characters and images, but had a rather indirect relation to men's fashion.

Interesting start to the discovery of the original bare male models, introducing the hangers neatly folded clothes women clearly seem to be prepared to surprise no one, but as it turned out later, was only a prelude to the intricate performance-shifters.

As it became clear in the end, the designer hoped to confuse the audience by showing women's clothes for girls, in which the audience had to guess the powerful masculine and philosophical context uniseksualnogo all that is at the moment in fashion.

As for the women's collection, then Hayam Hanukaev she was posting inconsistent, fragmented and too contradictory.However, continuous work on a leave hope that the designer finds his niche and stylistic delight us more elaborate collection in the coming season.

Rescue in Gothic

collection with the straightforward title "Gothic" from the Ukrainian Lugaru brand speaks for itself: the predominance of black color on a square centimeter of tissue rolls over all possible representations about the bleakness of this style.

If not flowing, flying invoices and original accessories, the collection might like except "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark."

should also mention the wonderful triangular and diamond-shaped bags, metal buckles on belts that are harmoniously combined with aggressive mysteriously unbridled gothic divas.

By the way, the show most of the outfits were created for the fair sex, and the few male models, who were present at fashion shows, not original, but was soundly worked out, not a loose general mood of gothic fantasy Lugaru.

dreamers and poets Leonid Alexeev

After the two countries "unmanly" hits collection petersburger Leonid Alexeev was pleasantly surprised and pleased.No experiments - all for men only and for men.

It should be noted that Leonid strictly adheres to the chosen style: slender young man with pretensions to intellectuality.

Men from Alexeyev - a complex mixture of effete intellectuals, bohemians aestheticism impoverished university students and self-indulgence.

Free nepritalenny cut outerwear and structural details, bulk bags, trunks and bright shades memorable game with a variety of textures and shapes - all in a new collection of men's clothing from Alexeyev season "Autumn-Winter 2008".

Soft conservatism Smalto

French fashion house Francesco Smalto for the first time as part of the Russian Fashion Week presented a collection of her own line of clothing and accessories.

Show Smalto - is both an incredible achievement for the organizers of the Week and the longing for a pleasant surprise fashion-capital public who enthusiastically adopted the new collection of respected European brand.

worth noting that some time ago, when the creator of the brand, Mr. Francesco Smalto (Francesco Smalto) ran his own company, the popularity of the brand began to fade rapidly.The reason for that was excessive rigor and conservatism of the silhouettes and the rejection of all the new trends and developments.

With the advent of a new wave of creative leadership, and then selling the brand to Asian investors began further development of the brand Smalto.

new collection - a selection of self-confident, not afraid experiments, men with the highest stylistic demands and accustomed to extravagant luxury, able to express their own "I" through the elegant clothes.

collection colors: classic black, gray noble, passionate and calm blue brown.

Supplement image of a successful man - casually draped a scarf in a light surround sound, original glasses in a massive frame and classic shoes with a comfortable shoe.

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