Dates of birth Sagittarius horoscope.

As people usually read the horoscope?Determine the sign of the zodiac, find information related to it, study it.Or rather whether it is suitable whether this person?It is trying to find out on their own practice.To obtain more accurate data necessary to clarify, so to speak, input data.What is it - look at the example of Sagittarius.The remaining characters can act similarly.One of the factors that influence the fate of man, is the moment of appearance in this world.Dates of birth of Sagittarius are well known.What they suggest, let's see.

Determine the exact data

First, consider the birth date of Sagittarius in the calendar.It is well known that this constellation of "rules" to the twenty-third day of November to 21 December.These days do not change.It was during this period of the constellation intercepts "wheel" and directs the planet.Just to name a period of not small.Each constellation is ruled for thirty days.Does this mean that all people are born in a particular period are the same?No of course.They affect the date of birth.Sagittarius can be characterized by several striking features.All belonging to this sign of the zodiac, as a whole will meet the specifications.And if you carefully study what is written about them, you will find an amazing thing.Almost every person finds the description of the features typical of him.What does this mean?

As the birth date of Sagittarius affect the nature

's amazing.You can read about Capricorn, being a virgin, and I think that the described behavior is very similar to how you are regularly reported.What's the matter?Just the date of birth - Sagittarius or Aries - does not matter, have "the same values."For the numbering of days repeated every month.It's a fact that rarely think.It is taken for granted.However, this factor has a strong influence on the character of people.It has long been clear that the people who were born, for example, the first number (any month), united by common features.Therefore, the date of birth of Sagittarius in the preparation of horoscopes must be considered also from this perspective.We can not rely only on the impact of a particular zodiac sign, or, say, a particular planet.Get the wrong picture.As a result of misconception will lead to misunderstanding or human events.

About Sagittarius: overall picture

horoscope presents us with curiosity and personality negnevlivuyu.These are people who seek to grasp the immensity.They carefully apply to life and people.Has an incredible ability for compassion, expressed most often in practice.The fact that they can not get past injustices as feel it with every fiber of the soul.They are missionaries of life.Whatever Sagittarius was doing, its main purpose - to give people good, harmony, understanding.In addition, each of Sagittarius have some talent.It must be realized.It helps them in that sociability and spontaneity.These individuals gladly make new friends, travel and learn.They belong to the fire element.But the flame is never static.Its dynamics is fully manifested in the character and destiny of Sagittarius.But angry representative of the sign shows still around and relentlessly called elements.Friendliness can quickly turn into a rage when he sees injustice.

first decade

Let's see the difference between Sagittarius, whose date of birth falls in the month of November.Naturally, particular character and temperament to be combined with information about the main features of the individual to achieve a full and deep understanding.Come for the month.23rd adds stubbornness.Such a person wants to dominate over all.24th gives people pessimism.They'd better be led to success.Sagittarius, birth date which falls on the 25th day, is soft, but greedy.They are easy to engage in illegal activities.26th bestows light hospitable character, love of entertainment.27 th - the original views.28th - a special intelligence and sensuality.29th - lucky and a special talent to achieve goals.These people have never played supporting roles.Good leaders.30th are born seekers after power.They do not know how to obey.Smart, but aggressive.

second decade

Now consider that in December receives Sagittarius.Dates this month divide approximately into two parts.So it is accepted.When considering the nuances of horoscopes, month divided into three relatively equal decade.So we proceed, making our horoscope.Sagittarius, whose birth date falls on December 1, characterized by ingenuity.Thus individuals shown to be creative.The second number gives a soft and romantic, but flatly denies assertiveness.The third gives people the desire for power.This is usually the future (real) leaders, leaders.Sagittarius born fourth day of December, it is necessary to choose a research career.The search for truth they do best (in any field).The fifth number gives people commercialism, the sixth - magnetism, seventh - individualism, the eighth - adaptability.Ninth are born fighters and the tenth - practical thinkers.

third decade

on the characteristics of each sign of the zodiac influence its neighbors.No exception and Sagittarius.Dates of the last decade are exposed to Capricorn.About them in detail.Eleventh number of people born unpredictable, the twelfth - bold and enterprising.13th gives the desire for a career, even at the expense of privacy.December 14 are born quick-tempered personality.They need to control their emotions.15th man gives a special harmony, 16th - the ability to research, 17 th - variability and ambition, 18th - clarity and 19th - arrogance and vanity.Twentieth numbers appear person other than a vivid imagination, the twenty-first - visionaries with obvious leadership abilities.That is that every single Sagittarius.Zodiac, date of birth affect a person connected.You can not view them in isolation from each other.

Stone Sagittarius Date of birth

now briefly talk about the mascot.As a rule, the information on the stones, birthstone, is not specified.Their list in general, without regard to the date of birth.In principle, anyone is free to trust such information.The stones are associated with stars, therefore, are good for all of Sagittarius, just blend in with the representative of the zodiacal circle.There are those that are more suitable for people born in a particular decade of the month.This is due to the influence of neighboring marks on minerals.It is advisable to avoid that they were in conflict with each other.So, born in the first decade of suitable zircon and turquoise, in the third - sapphire rhodolite.Those who are "clean" Sagittarius, you can use any mascot recommended by this sign.They are "neighbors" have no effect.