"Alpha Finance": reviews, services

Many Russian banks offer their customers with deposits, along with additional tools to generate income.Some of them may be based on investment in real assets of the business.Among those - the program "Alpha Finance".What is its specificity?What kind of return on participation in it can be expected?

Understanding "Alfa Finance»

«Alpha Finance" - is an investment program of "Alfa-Bank", initiated in 2010 and is open to the participation of investors so far.To spell her name as one word - "AlfaFinans" but Russia settled separate writing.What is the specificity of the corresponding initiative?

According to public information, through the "Alpha Finance" Bank consonant with the name of attracting private funds to invest in assets of real companies.In this they are probably fundamental difference from mutual funds, where a financial instrument can be, in particular, trade and financial exchanges.Yield from participating in a suitable program could potentially be greater than the placement of funds in bank deposits.

may be noted the breadth of the geography of the program "Alpha Finance": Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Moscow and other major cities have branches of the respective bank.There depositors may register their investment treaties.

Program Benefits Benefits

involvement of such a financial instrument as "Alpha Finance" bank that initiated it, see the following:

- the program guarantees the safety of depositors' funds, even if their total amount exceeds 1.4mln. rubles (size limit set by the state returned the deposit in case of bankruptcy of the credit institution);

- a private investor transfers resources experienced financial professionals, but have the opportunity to participate in the selection of an optimal tool to generate income;

- profits may reach about 25-30% per annum or more.

main element of the "Alpha Finance" - investment strategy.Currently the bank to develop an appropriate financial instrument offers the customer a choice of 7 thereof.Consider their specificity.

strategy "Pharmaceutical companies»

The strategy proposed by the program "Alpha Finance" (comments of many experts characterize it in a positive way), involves investing in assets of enterprises producing medicines.According to the financiers, the appropriate segment of the market - are among the most promising as demand for high-quality medicines is always stable.Under the "Alpha Finance" is supposed to be invested in shares of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.Among those:


- Novo Nordisk.

- Celgene.

- Gilead.


- GlaxoSmithKline.

What are they famous?

company NOVARTIS, according to some estimates, is the world's second largest pharmaceutical company by market capitalization.It is known that produces popular products "Theraflu", "Tavegil" "Fenistil" "Lamisil" for which demand remains high in many countries.

company Novo Nordisk is known as the world's largest producer of insulin.Brand Celgene manufactures drugs for the treatment of cancer and problems with the immune system.Corporation Gilead develops drugs against HIV.SANOFI company produces a wide range of drugs, including - "Essentiale", "Festal," "Bronhikum", "Magne B6», as well as "Sofradeks."Brand GlaxoSmithKline produces vaccines, antiviral drugs - "Panadol", "Solpadein" and "Coldrex."

«The largest companies in the United States»

Another strategy proposed in the framework of investment "Alpha Finance" (Analysts reviews also include a very positive assessment of it), is called "the largest US companies."Proposed Acquisition of assets of corporations included in the index S & amp; P 500, the overall profitability of which trillions of dollars.Among these companies:

- Johnson & amp; Johnson.

- Chevron.

- JPMorgan Chase.

- ExxonMobil.

- General Electric.

- Procter & amp; Gamble.

Each of these well-known brands in Russia.The company Johnson & amp; Johnson as part of several large businesses produces hygiene products, medical equipment, medicines.Corporation Chevron - among the world giants of the oil and gas industry.JPMorgan Chase Bank is characterized by the excellent performance of stability, despite the instability that is observed in a number of segments of the global financial system.The company ExxonMobil - another energy giant, is among the most expensive in the world of corporations.General Electric Company actively invests in promising businesses of their profile.The corporation Procter & amp; Gamble takes about 25% of the world market in the segment of FMCG.

«Innovative IT-company»

Another remarkable strategy of "Alpha Finance" (reviews of financial analysts with respect to it is also very positive) - "Innovative IT-companies."Are assumed to be invested in assets of major corporations:

- Apple.

- Google.

- Samsung.

- Microsoft.

- «Yandex».

- Facebook.

Each of them, despite the impressive pace, has a good potential for further growth, experts say.Shares of many companies listed in the list, showing annual growth of 40-50%.

«Developing countries»

Another strategy proposed in the framework of the "Alpha Finance" (responses of investors characterize it as one of the most promising) - "Developing countries".Assumes investments in the assets of companies operating in countries with emerging markets.In particular:

- Taiwan;

- in Hong Kong;

- in Mexico;

- Malaysia;

- in South Africa;

- in Indonesia.

Many of the economies of selected countries are growing much faster than the economic systems of the most developed countries in the world.At the same time they have all the necessary infrastructure and resources for further sustainable growth.Many international investors prefer to invest in the business is in developing countries, where there are all the prospects to achieve the highest profitability.


may seem very unusual strategy of "FMCG" offered the participants of the "Alpha Finance".Moscow - one of the leading economic centers of Europe, but even experienced analysts say the capital of the original concept proposed by "Alfa-Bank."

strategy in question involves investing in assets of corporations that produce, in fact, those products that are in demand by people almost every day: personal hygiene, food, drinks.Among the leading players in this market segment:

- Nestle.

- McDonald's.

- Coca-Cola.

- Pfizer.

- Unilever.

- Colgate-Palmolive.

Demand for the products of these corporations is stable, as well as the potential revenue of the program "Alpha Finance".

«blue chips»

This strategy involves investing in major Russian corporations, which are, in fact, the engines of the national economy of the Russian Federation.Among those:

- Novatek, which operates in the oil and gas sector.

- LUKOIL, one of the best known brands in the production of motor fuel.

- Bashneft, other major oil corporation.

- Surgutneftegaz - one of the leaders of the Russian oil and gas market.

- Eurasia, one of the world's largest steel producers.

- «Polymetal" - among the world leaders in the production of gold, silver and copper.

Despite the current crisis in the Russian economy, these corporations maintain stability.Investments in their assets, thus, can be characterized by good profitability.Many investors say that now, while the shares of the leading Russian companies are relatively cheap, you can invest in them to get into the total output of the stock market of the Russian Federation on a sustainable growth path an excellent boost to capital.

«precious metals»

Another strategy proposed by the participants of the "Alpha Finance" - "precious metals."Invest thus be in them, but rather in their market price.According to the experts of the "Alfa-Bank", the advantage of investing in precious metals - in their historical resistance to all kinds of crises.Despite the volatility of the relevant quotations, gold, silver and platinum (those metals, which are supposed to invest) will always be in the price due to the fact that they are the world's reserves are limited, and demand does not disappear.Precious metals, according to experts, are protected from the effects of inflation and political instability.Analysts describe a strategy proposed "Alfa-Bank" is one of the most balanced in terms of profitability and sustainability of the assets subject to investment investment funds.

program evaluation and feedback

How promising can be nested under the "Alpha Finance"?Opinions expressed in this regard both participants and financial analysts.Estimates of citizens and representatives of the expert community can be divided into those that:

- express a judgment about the prospects of investments;

- relate to the quality of service, "Alfa-Bank" in terms of communication with the clients of the program;

- related to the evaluation, in fact, the concept proposed by the credit and financial organization, to determine the degree of confidence in it.

As for the prospects of investment, the citizens describe the program as it is attractive.Many say that participation is considered not as a primary method of deriving income, and in addition, for example, the placement of funds in bank deposits, because the profitability of the relevant investments is comparable to the one that characterizes the traditional deposits.It is inappropriate, therefore, to take to participate in the program "Alpha Finance" credit - its rates will be higher than the likely return on investment.

quality of service corresponding to the banking institution is evaluated by its customers is quite positive.Hotline "Alpha Finance" function, according to the citizens properly.It does not matter what city brand is present.In fact, the geography of service under the program is the same as where it operates to initiate a program "Alpha Finance" bank.In Taganrog, Voronezh, Yaroslavl - in those cities where the brand is present, it is possible to become an investor.Quality of service at the same time quite on the level, regardless of the actual geography of the bank.If the city in which the citizen invests through participation in the "Alpha Finance" - Voronezh, there are no problems in obtaining the necessary information about the program will not arise, as well as in finding an investor in Taganrog or Yaroslavl.Difficulties with feedback is also not typical for communication between the "Alfa-Bank" and clients.If a person wants to ask a question about the program, which established the bank "Alpha Finance", contact the nearest office of the institution are always available online.

reliability as the most important criterion

regard to the evaluation of the concept, the proposed "Alfa-Bank", the investors, it seems quite promising.Investment in real assets corporations or precious metals are considered by many analysts as a much more reliable means of income than, say, trade in currencies.Stability making profit may predispose stability, which is characterized by initiating the program "Alpha Finance" bank.It revokes the license of it, according to experts, just can not be, due to the fact that financial stability had - among the most optimal in the banking market of the Russian Federation."Alfa-Bank" - one of the largest Russian banks.